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Should Smooth Be One of Your Hair Goals?

It’s all smooth sailing from here.

When you want gorgeously sleek hair that dazzles in the sun, adding Smooth to your AURA hair care products can make your hair a frizz-free zone. So if you’re ready to say sayonara to humidity-triggered strands for good, treatment starts while you wash and condition. So let’s get your hair into the smoothest shape it’s ever been.

Girl touching her smooth hair

Why does my hair get frizzy and dull?

Ultimately, dryness is often the root cause behind frizzy hair because the cuticles only lift in order to soak in moisture—and with dryness comes dull hair, too. If you notice your hair often feels super dry or is frizzy with split ends, there are a few things that could be going on: 

  • Mass-Produced Hair Care Formulations

Frizz is often the result of overwashing your hair or using formulas that contain heavy Sulfates such as SLS and SLES, unlike AURA formulas that are SLS, SLES, and paraben-free—plus our formulas are always vegan and cruelty-free! 

  • Washing Hair Too Often 

Although everyone’s hair is different, one thing is for certain: washing your hair too often can strip the hair of natural oils which keep your hair hydrated. You can still wash your hair on a schedule that suits you best, but if you wash often, we suggest using a weekly hair masque to replenish the lost moisture and keep it locked in. Just how a camel stores water in its hump, your hair stores moisture for later, too. 

  • Changes in the Weather

Depending on the season and your lifestyle, you’ll notice that your hair can become frizzy as soon as you walk outside (ahem, summer humidity). It’s easy to lose hydration in dry climates and even when you’ve been exposed to heat so it’s important to keep hair hydrated. 

  • Using Chemicals or Heat on Your Hair

When your hair is overprocessed, exposed to frequent heat styling, or has been bleached one too many times, your hair can become porous and brittle. In this case,  the cuticle is likely raised and unable to hold onto moisture. If this sounds like you, your hair may need serious repair and replenishment. 

4 Habits to Break for Smooth Strands

  1. Washing hair daily

We understand that everyone has a different hair type, but if your hair doesn’t feel dirty, just let it do its thing. Washing too often can strip your strands of their natural oils, so give your hair a break and wash it every other day or skip one wash day. 

  1. Washing and rinsing with scorching water

Plain and simple, hot water dries out your hair. On the other hand, cool water can help keep your hair’s cuticle closed or allow it to lay flat for a smoother appearance after you blow-dry. 

  1. Never using a conditioner or hair mask

If you want smooth hair, you need moisture. While you can get all the benefits you need to start the process in a personalized Shampoo, you have to follow up with a Conditioner to get the best results. Conditioners often boost hydration and seal in the moisture so that it lasts. To take your strands to the next level of smooth, use a hair Masque once a week to replenish any moisture lost through heat styling or daily stress. 

  1. Aggressively drying hair with cotton towels

Anything that goes against your hair’s cuticle can cause it to open and create a ton of frizz. Instead of drying your hair with a rough cotton towel, use a microfiber hair wrap which is gentler on your hair. The fabric is much softer than traditional cotton towels, which your hair will thank you for. And don’t even think about rubbing your hair, just wrap it up and let it dry enough so it’s only slightly damp before styling. 

Our Smooth-focused Formulas

Smooth hair is the result of hair treatments that nourish your hair so it’s moisturized, protected, and strengthened—that’s why it is so important to get hair care products that are personalized for your exact hair type and goals. 

If you choose Smooth as one of your hair goals, you can combine it with other needs you have like Enhance Curls or Repair to get the silky smooth, healthy hair you’ve always wanted. Behind our hair smoothing magic are a number of superpowered ingredients.

Smoothing Complex

Picture of our smoothing complex alongside a description that says our smoothing complex deeply nourishes and treat weakened strands while smoothing frizz

Our expertly crafted Smoothing Complex is designed to give hair an ultra-soft finish and helps improve manageability. No tangles here! 

Barley Protein

Picture of barley protein alongside the description: helps to shield hair color from fading, while proteins adhere to moisture and safeguard follicles

This plant-based ingredient adds an additional layer of support to weak strands, allowing them to hold moisture and color longer. Rich in antioxidants, Barley Protein also protects against heat damage to prevent frizz, no matter your hair type.

If you think you’re ready to make Smooth one of your hair goals, take our Hair Care Quiz to create your personalized formula. For more insights from our Specialists, check out our Instagram and TikTok @aurahaircare, and make sure to tag us in your selfies!