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Which Aroma Is Right for Me?

Mesmerizing aromas to fit your personality.

When you take our Hair Care Quiz, you have the option to add one of our five signature aromas at your desired strength to your hair care products. If you’re sensitive to scent, fragrance free is also an option. If you’ve already tried an aroma and want to change it up, you can easily change your aroma or adjust its strength. See our guide on how to make adjustments to your Ritual right in your account

So how do you choose which aroma is right for you with so many memorable options? Our Specialists share their personal recommendations and memories associated with each aroma, so you can get a sense of each transporting aroma. 

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Image of AURA model smelling her personalized hair care Ritual products, made with one of five signature aromas.
Image of lavender and mint included in AURA personalized hair care's optional botanical dream aroma

Botanical Dream

Imagine sipping mint tea at the center of a lavender field. 

Our all-natural aroma Botanical Dream gives you a fresh feeling with a soothing blend of lavender and crushed mint leaves. Our Specialist Ali loves this aroma in her Ritual because it transports her to her grandmother’s garden back home. 

If you like calming herbal scents that set the stage for a smooth day, then Botanical Dream is for you. 

Image of apple and blackberry included in AURA personalized hair care's optional moonlit stroll aroma

Moonlit Stroll

Imagine taking a midnight walk through a crisp apple orchard.

Our Moonlit Stroll is a fruity, sweet aroma with leading notes of green apple, supported by juicy blackberries, and grounded in sandalwood. Our Specialist Aileen loves it because it reminds her of the evening when the sun is just about set and everything feels cool and mysterious. 

If you like sugary confection scents with apples as the first impression, Moonlit Stroll is for you. 

Image of coconut and orange included in AURA personalized hair care's optional island reverie aroma

Island Reverie

Imagine drinking piña coladas and getting caught in the rain (don’t worry there’s a cabana).

Our Island Reverie is a coconut-forward scent with just a hint of sandalwood and tonka bean for balance. This aroma has a tropical feeling that has more character than traditional coconut scents. Our Specialist Genevieve adores this aroma because it takes her back to hot summer nights, sitting poolside with her family and friends.

If you love summery scents and haven’t tried this aroma yet, it’s the perfect option to change up your Ritual. 

Image of vanilla and florals included in AURA personalized hair care's optional golden sunrise aroma

Golden Sunrise

Imagine sipping a chai tea latte in your favorite sunlit nook.

Our Golden Sunrise aroma has a rich but sweet freshness to it, lead by honey and vanilla. This aroma smells smooth and luxurious, like honey, steeped in turmeric tea. Our Specialist Sarah can’t get enough of Golden Sunrise as a part of her morning routine, setting the stage for an amazing morning or positive moves. 

For those of you who love a touch of sweetness with a comforting vanilla finish that soothes your soul, you’ve found your match. 

Image of lotus and musk included in AURA personalized hair care's optional Sparkling Essence aroma

Sparkling Essence

Imagine picking from your garden of blooming flowers as the sun sets

Our Sparkling Essence is fresh and flirty with rich floral notes of cool mint, lotus, and musk that can be compared to a spring or summertime perfume. Our Specialist Stephanos adds this aroma to his Ritual to reminisce over exciting and warm spring nights in Greece. 

If you love to spritz on a little something extra for a night on the town, this aroma requires an extra hair swish that’s all you. 

Which aroma did you choose? We’d love to know, so tag us in your photos and videos on social @aurahaircare. And remember, you can change your aroma and its strength whenever you like in your account