Our social media manager, Leslie, with rainbow hair, featuring our semi-permanent hair color.
May 31, 2022

The Best Pigments to Show Your Pride

Show off your true colors with our rainbow of Fantasy pigments.

AURA Hair Care Balayage Highlighting Kit unboxed with contents that include Instructions, Lightening Powder, Activator, and Gloves.
May 25, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About AURA’s Balayage Highlighting Kit

Your top Balayage Highlighting Kit questions answered.

AURA Hair Care Ritual includes personalized Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque. Each and every product crafted and packaged with sustainability in mind.
May 23, 2022

What Does Sustainability Look Like at AURA?

Loving the Earth is part of our daily mantra.

AURA Hair Care model with auburn brown hair that complements her eye color.
May 18, 2022

The Best Pigments Based on Your Eye Color

Our hair care specialists help you find the pigments that best complement your eye color.