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Everything You Need to Know About AURA’s Balayage Highlighting Kit

It’s time to lighten things up.

Can you believe it? Luxurious, lightened hair achieved in under an hour. You have questions and don’t worry, we have the answers. Read on for our best tips and advice on lightening your hair at home using AURA’s Balayage Highlighting Kit.

AURA Hair Care Balayage Highlighting Kit unboxed with contents that include Instructions, Lightening Powder, Activator, and Gloves.

Your Highlighting Questions, Illuminated.

From DIY balayage application tips at-home to an ingredient break down, here are our answers to the most asked questions surrounding our Balayage Highlighting Kit.

“Any advice for highlighting my hair at home? I have grown-out balayage highlights and want to freshen them up.”

Of course! Here are some of our insights on how to refresh your look:

  1. Order your AURA Balayage Highlighting Kit today to freshen up your lightened hair. It’s a professional-grade kit that is designed to be used right at home.
  2. Use a simple “painting” or “feathering” technique when applying to achieve a dreamy glow in under an hour.
  3. After application, processing, and rinsing are completed, use a personalized hair Masque with a Neutralizing pigment to keep brass at bay.
  4. For a more detailed step-by-step on how to lighten your hair at home with your AURA Balayage Highlighting Kit watch our How-To video here:

“How can I get AURA color-enhancing pigments to show up on my brunette hair?”

Our Balayage Highlighting Kit is the perfect answer to lightening darker shades, as it gives our semi-permanent pigments the perfect blank canvas (your freshly lightened strands) to thrive on and give you the transformation of your dreams.  Once you’ve completed the entire process, you’ll have highlighted strands that are ready to absorb your pigment shade.

Here is a more detailed step-by-step guide to transforming your brunette hair with our color-enhancing pigments:

“I’ve been a little scarred from trying to highlight my own hair in the past. How can I make sure my highlights don’t come out orange or tiger stripe-like on my brunette hair?”

In this situation, our specialists recommend that you start with a strand test. Everyone’s hair is different, and lightening exposes underlying tones in hair that are typically warm, like orange and yellow. We recommend doing a strand test to get a preview of your results before diving in headfirst. Adding a neutralizing pigmented Masque to your Ritual is a fabulous solution to toning down any warmth.

AURA Hair Care model with medium-length brunette hair applies the Balayage Highlighting Kit formula to her hair by using Color Clips to section her hair and painting her strands as directed in the instructions.

“Is there bleach in the Balayage Highlighting Kit?”

Yes—it does contain bleach—as this chemical is necessary for attaining the professional-grade results you’re striving for. But it isn’t only bleach. Our Highlighting Kit includes a hair-lightening formula with bonding technology and conditioning oils to leave your hair happy and healthy.

We’ve made sure to add nourishing ingredients to its formula to help counterbalance the negative effects bleach can have on your strands. You’ll find conditioning oils to replenish the hair’s moisture as well as an amino acid bonding technology that protects strands from stress. Personalized hair care that evolves with you is still, and will always be, AURA’s #1 goal. 

Our specialists suggest also adjusting your Ritual with your Balayage Highlighting Kit order to fit your newly highlighted hair needs. You can easily do this right in your account.

Model stirs the Lightening Powder and the Activator together in a non-metal mixing bowl with Coloring Brush until the formula has an icing-like consistency.

I have a LOT of hair that’s also mermaid-like in length. Will one Balayage Highlighting Kit be enough for my hair?

Do not fret if you have luscious long locks, we purposefully include two lightening powder pouches and two activators if you have a lot of hair. However, if your hair is exceptionally long and thick, we recommend purchasing two kits to achieve your highlighting goals.

Can I use this Highlighting Kit on my curly hair?

Definitely! The Balayage Highlighting Kit can be used on curly hair. Since Type 4 curls can be more fragile, our specialists recommend performing a strand test first depending on the type of curls you have. If you’re unsure of whether your hair falls into this category, click here to determine your curl type.

We hope this shines a light on the most important questions you’ve had regarding our Balayage Highlighting Kit. Once you’ve lightened your hair, don’t forget to Personalize your Ritual today and make sure to select Color Protection as one of your three hair goals. If you still have more to inquire about, talk to one of our specialists to find the right goals for you. And if you need more hair inspo and tips, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok: @aurahaircare.