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The Best Pigments to Show Your Pride

Show off your true colors with our rainbow of Fantasy pigments.

This Pride Month, we’re celebrating with our rainbow of Fantasy pigments to give your look a barrier-breaking finish. In general, the colors of the rainbow flag represent diversity and acceptance — for others and yourself. So whether you want to rock one color or wear the entire flag all at once, we’re showing you how to embrace your own magic with our Pigmented Masques


*Keep in mind that our semi-permanent pigments appear best on pre-lightened, blonde, or highlighted hair and are not intended to cover grays.

Our social media manager, Leslie, with rainbow hair, featuring our semi-permanent hair color.

Your Pride Pigments


Red has a range of symbolic meanings in many different cultures, including life, health, courage, and love — but the common thread that unites them all is that these traits require passion. If you’re proud to be a passionate individual, then red is officially your Pride Month hair color. 

Swatch of our Granada Red semi-permanent Fantasy Pigment.

Your Pride Pigments: Granada Red, London Red, Croatian Copper


Representing energy, excitement, and exuberance, orange is the life of the party. From soft peachy hues to neon mandarin shades, this unique hair color allows you to show your enthusiasm for the skin you’re in. So bring a splash of that infectious energy with you everywhere you go with our Saharan Copper or Roman Copper Pigmented Masques. 

Swatch of our Saharan Copper semi-permanent Fantasy Pigment.

Your Pride Pigments: Saharan Copper, Roman Copper


Often associated with sunshine and happiness, yellow brings on pure joy. Whether you’re wearing a banana-colored dress or you’ve got a sunny yellow streak in your strands, there’s something about this color that brightens any mood. To keep the good vibes going, make Cairo Yellow your Pride Month hair color. 

Swatch of our Cairo Yellow semi-permanent Fantasy Pigment.

Your Pride Pigments: Cairo Yellow


Sensing some inner growth on the horizon? An emerald-inspired hair color might be the secret to your success. Typically associated with evolution and new beginnings, green ushers in a refreshing energy and helps you step out of your comfort zone, making it perfect for Pride Month. 

Swatch of our Baltic Green semi-permanent Fantasy Pigment.

Your Pride Pigments: Baltic Green


Usher in a sense of calm this Pride Month with a sky-hued hairdo. Blue is one of the most-loved colors on the planet so it instantly puts you and others at ease with each hair flip. You’ll instantly feel a peaceful shift in your attitude with this oceanic hair transformation. 

Swatch of our Santorini Blue semi-permanent Fantasy Pigment.

Your Pride Pigments: Santorini Blue, Pacific Periwinkle


When people think of the rainbow, indigo is often left out of the party — but we love all the colors equally at AURA. Powerful and dignified, this purple-meets-blue shade conveys integrity and deep sincerity. So if you’re trying to get deep this Pride Month, a pop of indigo might be exactly what you need to get your mind right. 

Swatch of our California Indigo semi-permanent Fantasy Pigment.

Your Pride Pigments: California Indigo


The final shade in the rainbow, violet, is often associated with wisdom, bravery, and wealth. In fact, many royals solely wore this color as a symbol of their status — and we think you deserve the royal treatment. To bring on an abundant energy, try revamping your look with a purple finish. 

Swatch of our Kyoto Purple semi-permanent Fantasy Pigment.

Your Pride Pigments: Kyoto Purple, French Lavender, Irish Lilac

Rock the Rainbow

If you’ve ordered a Pigmented Masque before, you can order each and every shade of the rainbow to create a showstopping Pride Month look, as you see on our Social Media Manager, Leslie. To achieve her look: 

  1. Start by reading your personalized instructions and setting up your station. Put on your gloves and grab a dark towel to prevent staining. 
  2. Then, secure the top half of your hair to get it out of the way. Separate the bottom half of your hair into seven individual sections — one for each color of the rainbow. 
  3. Then apply one Pigmented Masque shade to each section of your hair, following the order of the rainbow flag. You can apply them to clean, dry hair for the richest results. Make sure each section is fully saturated before setting your timer for 10-15 minutes. 
  4. Once the product has set for 10-15 minutes, rinse hair thoroughly. Shampoo lightly at the roots if needed but do not condition. 
  5. Style your hair as usual and rock your new look with pride. 

No matter how you want to show your pride this month, we’re here to help you do it in your own unique way. For more tutorials, hair inspo, and exclusive tips, make sure to give us a follow on TikTok and Instagram @aurahaircare.