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The Best Pigments Based on Your Eye Color

Perfection is in the pigment.

Some say our eyes are our most unique feature, as no two are exactly alike. Our eyes can host an array of different patterns, colors, and tones — each and every one unique. When thinking of ways to play up the eyes, we look for clothing or makeup in hues that will help them shine but we should also look at the best hair color for your look. 

Hair color is essential to consider when enhancing your eyes’ unique look and finding your perfect hair color is easier than you think. Read on to discover what new hair color will work best for your eye color.

AURA Hair Care model with auburn brown hair with flowers and greenery behind her.

Discover Your Most Flattering Shade

Brown Eyes: Rich Golden Tones, Deep Mahogany Reds 

Brown eyes tend to be darker and can be less reflective in natural light. With the perfect hair color you can highlight the beautiful elements of this warm tone eye color. With the proper hair color refresh for your brown eyes, you’ll see their rich gold and red undertones sparkle through.

When changing up your hair to accentuate your eye color, you’ll want to choose a shade that highlights the dark brown color and any other natural warm tones present in your irises. Our specialists suggest either of our dazzling Roman Copper or Sonoma Red Pigmented Masques to bring out their magical features and vibrancy of your chocolate brown eyes.

Hazel Eyes: Natural Goldens, Deep Mahogany Reds

Hazel eyes are defined by having multiple colors throughout and may change their defining color slightly from day to day. Because of this, you have a few hair colors to choose from depending on which color in your eyes you want to bring out most, leaning towards the warmer hair colors.

If you want to play up the warm undertones and golden brown hues, you should stick to warm undertones like golden or deep red tones. If you want to bring out more green in your hazel eyes, shoot for a mid to deep red. Our specialists recommend PigmentedMasque in a Classic shade Golden or Golden Mahogany, or one of our Fantasy hair colors like Sonoma Red.

Blue Eyes: Pinks, Rose Gold, Coppers

Let’s be honest, blue eyes are striking all on their own. They are also on the cooler toned side, so blue eyes are notably less reflective in natural light. But with the right hair color, your blue eyes can have that extra pop you’ve been looking for.

To make blue eyes stand out no matter the lighting, we suggest choosing a hair color that complements your baby blues best. Adding rich, warm tones will highlight the distinction between these contrasting tones, making others zero in to get a glimpse of those gorgeous blue-hued eyes. 

Our specialists suggest trying one of our Pigmented Masques in Fantasy shades Rose Gold, Tulum Pink, and Saharan Copper, as they are rich, warm, and vibrant color choices that will make any pair of blue eyes seriously POP. If you’re looking for a more subtle color boost, our specialists also recommend some of our Classic pigments like Golden or Medium Brunette.

Green Eyes: Natural Reds, Bright Reds

It’s no secret that green eyes look great with red, and it’s no different when it comes to your hair color. Channel your inner starlet and take a chance on these fiery shades with a new red hair look. You won’t regret the new hair color! 

Bright reds, natural reds, and deep reds…each and every red shade complements green eyes beautifully. Red hair color is the best hair color for our green eyed babes. Some of our specialists’ favorite red pigments to highlight green-colored eyes include warm Spanish Copper, deep Sonoma Red, and bright Granada Red.

Now that you know the right hair color that compliments your eye color best, we cannot wait to see how you make your eyes sparkle and stand out thanks to these helpful recommendations from our specialists. Follow @aurahaircare on Instagram and TikTok and tag us to share your flattering hair transformations.