Bring a little glamour to your Ritual with hair care, style, and pigment how-tos from our Specialists.

An AURA box wrapped with a pink bow

How to Gift AURA Hair Care for the Holidays

This holiday season, personalized gifts are the way to go.

Girl posing over a chess board with red, vintage-inspired hair

2021 At-home Halloween Hairstyle Trends

Last-minute looks inspired by some of our favorite game-changing women.

Girl showing us the back of her space bun hairstyle

Summer Hairstyles That Both Millennials and Gen Z Will Love

Summer-ready hairstyles we can all agree on.

How to Achieve Our Rocket Popsicle Money Piece Look

Get inspired to create your next pigmented summer look.

How to Make Adjustments to Your Personalized Ritual

Your personalized formulas evolve with you.

How to Apply Your AURA Products Without Pigment

Simple tips for using your Ritual.

How to Apply Your Pigmented Hair Masque

Get the most out of your pigmented Masque application.

Ways to Apply Your Pigmented Masque

Because getting bold color is easy.


Temporary hair color is a lifestyle that we’ll help you rock with our best-kept secrets on color selection, trends, and so much more.

Girl posing over a chess board with red, vintage-inspired hair

2021 At-home Halloween Hairstyle Trends

Last-minute looks inspired by some of our favorite game-changing women.

Natalie and Nicole Kirkland looking at each other, smiling, while holding their AURA personalized hair care Ritual

Natalie & Nicole Kirkland: How They’re Taking the World By Storm, One Hair Flip at a Time

Take a closer look at what inspires this powerhouse sister duo and how they keep their hair in tip top shape.

Ariana Adams and her Mom, Sandi, holding their AURA bottles

Softball Star Ariana Adams Tells All: From Hair Care to Sports to Her All-Star Mom

In celebration of National Daughter’s Day, we talked with softball star Ariana Adams and her Mom to see what makes them tick.

Melina Vega sitting by the water with her AURA hair care Ritual

Latinx Heritage Month Feature: Melina Vega Gives Us the Scoop on How to Live Your Best Life

We chatted with Latina fashion influencer Melina Vega to give us the tea on her affordable yet luxurious lifestyle.

Badminton Champ, Hope Warner, and Mom, Talk Beauty, Hair, and Sports

20-year-old gold medalist, fashion blogger, and world traveler, makes endless possibilities a reality.

Woman with a Copper Mahogany hair color

2021 Fall & Winter Hair Color Trends

Trends you can snuggle up with.

AURA client Maya indulging in her AURA aroma added to her hair care Ritual.

Find Your AURA Aroma

Take this quiz to discover which AURA aroma fits your vibe.

A Self-Care Ritual: DIY Face Masks to Pair With Your Hair Masque

Self care and hair care make the perfect pair.

5 Tips to Unlock Summer-Ready Hair

Beat the heat with our summer-approved tips.

Summer Hair Color Trends Inspired by Our Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

No summer is complete without a trip to the ice cream truck.

Queer Artist Criibaby

Pride Month Feature: Queer Pop Soul Artist Criibaby Tells All With Pride-Inspired AURA Pigment

LGBTQ+ creator, singer/songwriter Criibaby wants to redefine inclusive music.

Hair Science

Discover the science behind your hair care and learn how we make endless possibilities possible.

Girl touching her smooth strands

Should Smooth Be One of Your Hair Goals?

It’s all smooth sailing from here.

Girl smiling and touching her hair

Should Volumize Be One of Your Hair Goals?

It’s time to turn up the volume with AURA personalized hair care products in your 3-step Ritual.

Girl touching her curly hair and smiling

Hair Care Rituals Based On Your Lifestyle

Give your hair some personalized attention.

Girl with curly hair smiling

Is AURA Curly Girl Approved?

Learn more about our curl-focused formulas.

AURA Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque on a marble bathroom shelf.

What Makes AURA Hair Care So Unique?

Explore our endless possibilities.

Should Repair Be One of Your Hair Goals?

Let’s talk hair repair.

Will AURA Pigments Work On Naturally Gray Hair?

Our specialists answer all of your gray hair and pigment questions.

Pigment Intensities–What’s the Difference?

Are you Soft, Vibrant, or Bold?

Which Aroma Is Right for Me?

Mesmerizing aromas to fit your personality.