2021 At-home Halloween Hairstyle Trends

Last-minute looks inspired by some of our favorite game-changing women.

Believe it or not, Halloween is right around the corner. No matter how you choose to celebrate the spooky season this year—be it a virtual hangout or with a group of your besties IRL—you’re going to need a costume as amazing as you are. 

To help you take your costume game to the next level, we’ve broken down some of our favorite 2021 Halloween hairstyles that you can easily do at home. Best of all? Each look is inspired by a powerful, barrier-breaking woman.

Collection of women with Halloween-ready hairstyles

The Chess Player

Woman posing over a chess board with red, vintage-style hair

Drawing inspiration from our favorite chess player, this era-driven style is both flattering and fun. If you want to go the extra mile and get this fiery red hair color, add the Classic shade Copper or Copper Ash to your personalized hair Masque. Follow your personalized instructions and you’ll have a gorgeous red tone to your hair in just a matter of minutes.  

To get this hairstyle: 

  • If you already have a short haircut, start by giving yourself a blowout.
    • For the classic, old-school look shown in the photos here, curl the ends of your hair toward you as you blowdry your strands, and there you have it! 
  • If you have long hair, try giving yourself a faux bob for the night.
    • First, give yourself a loose, low ponytail. 
    • Then, tuck it under your hair at the nape of your neck, and secure it with bobby pins. Checkmate! You’re ready to go. 

High Society Socialite

Woman with beachy waves and a floral crown posing for the camera

Feel downright romantic with this dreamy hairstyle inspired by classic English hairstyles in the 1800s. Universally appealing on nearly every hair type, this charming look is perfect for when you’re in a costume pinch. Simply throw on a frilly dress, grab a flower crown, and you’re ready for tea time. Bonus points for attempting a British accent! 

To get this hairstyle: 

  • If you have naturally curly hair, let it do its thing.
    • Including Enhance Curls as one of your hair goals with AURA can even help ensure your curls are defined just the way you’d like. 
    • Use your Ritual before heading to your Halloween party, then diffuse your hair or let it air dry. 
    • Finish with a floral headband for an enchanting touch. 
  • If you have straight hair:
    • Use a curling iron or flat iron to achieve beachy waves.
    • Finish with a floral headband to give it that English countryside feel.

Iconic Pop Star

Girl with voluminous black hair and a pop of red lipstick

Let’s face it—you were born to be a star, chica. So if you want to try this look inspired by a legendary pop icon, all you need is your personalized Ritual, your blow dryer, and a fierce attitude. 

To get this hairstyle: 

  • Wash your hair as usual and finish with your hair Masque, infused with the Classic shade Black.
    • If you have naturally black hair, feel free to skip the pigment.
    • If you have naturally blonde hair achieved with highlights, we’d recommend against trying our Black semi-permanent Masque. Your hair may be very porous, and the color may not come out for quite some time. 
  • Then, blow-dry wet hair with a round brush for a smooth, voluminous look. Apply red lipstick and you’re ready to hit the stage. 

The Olympian

Girl with her hair pulled back into a smooth bun

Go for the gold with this Olympian-inspired hairstyle. Whether you have long hair, short hair, or something in between, this versatile look will have you Halloween-ready in no time. 

To get this hairstyle:

  • Sweep hair to the top of your head, smoothing any bumps as you go. 
  • Once hair looks completely smooth, tightly secure in place with a hairband. 
  • Finish with a patriotic bow of your choice. Feel free to make it your own with small braids or turn it into a bun.
  • For an extra sleek look, use a smoothing balm or hair oil to reduce frizz. 

We hope these simple hairstyles make creating your costume an absolute breeze this spooky season. For more hair tutorials, tips, and inspiration, be sure to follow us on social @aurahaircare.