The Top 5 Benefits of a Bath Ritual

Elevate your self care routine with a warm bath and AURA’s new body wash.

Something about taking a hot bath feels far more indulgent than your average shower. In fact, baths and bathing have played such an integral role in human culture that there’s a bathing tradition on nearly every continent. Scandinavian people, for example, take plunges in cold water after time in a sauna, while the Japanese see entire families congregate in communal baths or in hot springs as a way to de-stress and strengthen bonds.

It’s clear that not only does bathing serve the practical purpose of cleansing your skin, but it’s also an opportunity to relax, reflect, and recharge. So if you’re ready to step up your self care ritual, read on to discover the many benefits of taking a warm bath—and learn how our new body wash can take your bathtime to the next level.

What are the benefits of a bath ritual?

Three bottles of our skin-nourishing body wash against a water-drenched background.

1. Quiets the mind.

A warm bath invites your mind to escape from the stress of the day, creating the perfect environment for meditation. Your bath is a time you don’t have anywhere to be except in the present moment. Even if you choose to bring a book or a journal into the hot tub with you, it’s an opportunity to let your mind wander as your body reclines in the warm bathwater.

2. Allows you to slow down.

In today’s grind culture, drawing a hot bath for yourself and luxuriating in it may seem like a huge waste of time. But when it comes down to it, there are so many less worthwhile ways that we often kill time after a long day. We’ve all gotten lost in an endless social media scroll or lose hours of our life binging reality television—which is okay in moderation! 

So instead of falling into old habits, we suggest filling the tub with warm water while playing a relaxing playlist and lighting a candle to immediately get your brain out of work mode and give your eyes some much-needed time away from screens. The act of preparing the bath can even become a meditative experience. All you need is 20 minutes of your time and allow the hustle and bustle of life to be drowned out by the flow of your faucet. 

3. May soothe sore muscles and joints.

You don’t need fancy bath salts in your tub to produce muscle-soothing effects. If you take a hot bath, it may have the same effect as using heat therapy (like a hot pack) on sore muscles after a hard workout or on stiff joints after a long flight. Experts say that a warm bath can encourage increased blood circulation which may release muscle tightness, relieve pain, and improve the elasticity of connective tissues. In other words, get ready to experience some well-deserved relief from minor aches and pains. 

4. May help you fall asleep.

If you take a hot bath before bed, it may be a simple way to ensure that you drift off to dreamland with ease. Why? A drop in body temperature at night is one of the telltale signs for the body to start producing melatonin, the hormone that helps to induce sleep. 

Although our bodies get colder at night naturally, hot bathwater can kick-start that downward shift by raising your body temperature, which in turn, makes you feel cooler as soon you get out—it’s an old trick to get yourself to feel sleepy. All you have to do is get out of the bath, allow yourself to cool down and unwind for a while, then pull back the covers and slip into bed. 

5. Being submerged in water may boost your mood.

A recent study found that a daily bath ritual, as opposed to a regular shower, helped improve the mood and optimism of the participants, while also reducing feeling fatigued after a long day. This was mainly attributed to a combination of being surrounded by warm water, experiencing dedicated alone time, and the fact that they were reclined in a restful position.

Researchers say that from this small study, it seems that our bodies may associate hot baths with relaxation and vulnerability, as it mimics the warm, liquid conditions of the womb. Because this sensation gives people a feeling of security, we can truly relax and reap the benefits of self care.

Elevate your bathing ritual with our body wash.

A woman with curly red hair, smiling with an open bottle of our bady wash in her hands.

Complete your bath ritual with our new gel body cleanser. Formulated with a blend of skin-nourishing ingredients, this specialist-crafted body care essential gently washes away impurities to encourage you to embrace the skin you’re in. Plus, you can personalize the aroma to awaken your senses and set the stage for ultimate relaxation—no essential oils needed here!

This dreamy new product also features: 

  • Argan oil, chia seed oil, and vitamin e
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  • Sustainable packaging

Making time for yourself to relax is key—and that’s why we hope this article has inspired you to make hot baths part of your daily routine. For more self care inspo, product launches, and exciting giveaways, make sure to follow @aurahaircare on social media.