Aroma Deep Dive: Which Aroma is Right for Me?

Get an up-close look at each of our six signature aromas.

When you select one of our personalized products, you have the opportunity to add one of our six signature aromas—Botanical Dream, Moonlit Stroll, Forever Generation, Sparkling Essence, Island Reverie, and Golden Sunrise—or go fragrance-free. So if you want to add an aroma to your hair or body care products, how do you know which aroma is right for you? Simple. Read on to discover the inside scoop on each transformative scent in our Aroma Deep Dive.

Image of a person smelling their AURA hair care products with a collage of natural elements found in our aromas like oranges and apple slices.

Botanical Dream

Fresh lavender and mint sprigs shown on a neutral background.

Our only all-natural aroma, this refreshing scent is an ethereal blend of crushed mint leaves and fresh lavender blossoms. This revitalizing aroma sets the tone for your shower experience by harnessing the ancient powers of aromatherapy. Mint is known for promoting focus and encouraging you to be in the present moment while lavender is said to have relaxing effects. So whether you shower in the morning or at night, Botanical Dream transports your mind to a place of balanced calm. 

Top Notes: Fresh mint and lavender

Base Notes: Lavender blossom and crushed mint leaves

AURA Employee Insight

“Botanical Dream is like stepping into a spa. The mint and lavender have a wonderful way of de-stressing yet revitalizing you.”

-Angeline, AURA Cosmetic Chemist

Moonlit Stroll

Apple slices, blackberries, and pieces of sandalwood against a purple background.

Take a walk of the sweet side of life with this juicy yet woodsy aroma. Featuring notes of sun-ripened orchard fruits accented by jasmine and amber, Moonlit Stroll is a delightful mix of sugary sweetness and earthy richness. Plus, this alluring scent lingers long after you step out of the shower so you can smell fresh as a daisy all day long.

Top Notes: Green apple, pink lemon, crunchy green pear, and red currant buds

Mid Notes: Freesia, jasmine, sugared rose petals, orange, blackberry, and wild strawberry

Base Notes: Sandalwood, amber, musk, and caramel

AURA Employee Insight

“Moonlit Stroll is super fruity and sweet without being cloying, and I love that I can still smell it on day two.”

-Emily, AURA Product Development Manager

Forever Generation

Amber, mandarins, lime, and moss against a tan background.

Forever Generation is a state of mind where olfactory worlds collide. Delicate florals and bright citrus play alongside earthy amber and balanced bergamot creating an aromatic journey that encourages you to embrace all facets of the skin you’re in. It’s a scent-sual fragrance that makes you feel both sophisticated and chic. 

Top Notes: Bergamot oil and mandarin oil

Mid Notes: Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, and Hedione

Base Notes: Oakmoss, amber, and musk

AURA Employee Insight

“It’s bright and refreshing but the amber really anchors the scent. It’s a sophisticated take on a floral fragrance that is both masculine and feminine at the same time.” 

-Angeline, AURA Cosmetic Chemist

Sparkling Essence

Different flowers in a pool of water.

Sparkling Essence is here to tap into your softer side. With a generous dash of fresh herbs like ginger and mint set against dewy botanicals, whispers of fresh-cut flowers and wood add extra personality to this all-around indulgent fragrance. It’s perfect for an everyday self-care ritual. 

Top Notes: Cool mint, fresh ginger, lemon, orange, melon, and dewy green aloe

Mid Notes: Dewy violet, rose water, water lotus, and freesia

Base Notes: Musk, sheer woods, vanilla bean, and aromatic cedarwood

AURA Employee Insight

“Sparkling Essence smells like a mimosa to me, heavy on the champagne—just how I like it.”

-Emily, AURA Product Development Manager

Island Reverie

Coconut and orange slices against a sandy background.

Embrace vacation season all year round with Island Reverie. The awakening energy of apple and mandarin combined with tropical coconut shavings and warm sandalwood create a space where only good vibes are welcome. All that’s missing is a piña colada and a hammock. 

Top Notes: Sliced apple, mandarin, crisp greens

Mid Notes: Jasmine, coconut shavings, muguet

Base Notes: Cedarwood, musk, tonka bean, sandalwood, coconut husk

AURA Employee Insight

“I’m not usually a coconut fragrance lover, but this converted me. It is exotic, not overly sweet, and makes me dream of my last beach vacation.”

-Emily, AURA Product Development Manager

Golden Sunrise

Vanilla bean, cinnamon sticks, and flowers against a cream background.

Seize the day with Golden Sunrise—an aroma that embodies both softness and strength. Like a fresh-brewed golden latte, this inviting fragrance features notes of turmeric, sage, and smooth vanilla that create a well-balanced self-care moment. Your bathroom will transform into a comforting spa each time you step into the shower. 

Top Notes: Golden turmeric, tangerine, orange, and lemongrass

Mid Notes: Jasmine, Muguet, clary sage, and healing honey

Base Notes: Patchouli, vetiver, and smooth vanilla

AURA Employee Insight

“Golden Sunrise to me smells like a spicy golden latte—it’s warm, gentle, and super comforting.”

-Angeline, AURA Cosmetic Chemist

Now that you know all about our six signature aromas, it’s time to pick your favorite one and add it to your personalized AURA products. Whether you’re shopping for a shampoo, conditioner, hair masque, or body wash, we’ve got you covered.