How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable for Earth Month 2023

Craft an eco-conscious routine with AURA.

With April being named Earth Month, it is the perfect time to take in the beauty of the world around us. This month brings the change of seasons where Mother Earth appears to come back to life with warmer weather, more sunshine, and lush flowers blooming all around. In honor of this period of seasonal transition, we want to share some eco-conscious habits we can incorporate into our daily routines. Let’s take a look at some ways to create a more sustainable beauty routine during Earth Month.

Hand holding a bottle of AURA's personalized shampoo in front of a leafy pear tree.

1. Recycle jars, bottles, and containers.

If your personal care routine is anything like ours, your shelf is filled with tiny jars, bottles, and samples of all your favorite beauty products. After enjoying the lovely products these containers hold, don’t go straight for the trash. Adding a small recycling bin in your bathroom is a great way to make sure your plastic containers can be reused. As an added benefit, AURA shampoo, conditioner, and masque jars are 100% recyclable so these empties will have an extended life—just make sure to clean out these jars before tossing them.

2. Repurpose jars, packaging, and mascara wands.

If you’re looking to get creative, many jars and empty containers can be used again to extend their use. You can create your own travel-sized products with small empty containers that can be easily refilled for your next vacation. They also make the perfect on-the-go toiletries for your car or desk at work. Our masque jars are an eco-friendly option for organizing q-tips, lipsticks, or even double as a planter for all you plant lovers. And did you know that you can clean and keep your mascara wands? They make great eyebrow or edge brushes to complete your daily look.

3. Use reusable cotton pads.

Single-use products are extremely prominent in the beauty industry but can be a huge adversary to sustainability. Opting for reusable options rather than their single-use counterparts helps to make a big impact by eliminating waste while still achieving the same results. A great example of this is reusable cotton pads. This sustainable swap serves all the purposes of your traditional single-use cotton pads throughout your daily self-care ritual without the added waste. They are also often made of recycled or renewable materials like bamboo, making them a perfect addition to your sustainable beauty routine.

4. Don’t leave the water running. 

We all know conserving water is one of the best practices when it comes to sustainability. Some simple ways to incorporate this into your daily self-care routine is to minimize when the faucet is on. While brushing your teeth, washing your face, or showering, be mindful of water use. Try turning off the faucet in between brushing and rinsing. When shaving or letting products soak into your mane in the shower, consider turning the water off throughout your routine to reduce waste. 

5. Seek out products with eco-friendly packaging.

Look for brands that prioritize eco-friendly or recycled packaging when shopping for beauty products. Getting packages shipped to your door is one of the many conveniences of the modern day, but they use an incredible amount of cardboard, plastic, and other single-use materials that aren’t so kind to our planet. Next time you’re about to treat yourself to some retail therapy, see if the brand you’re shopping with offers eco-friendly packaging or the option to reduce the amount of single-use materials in your order. At AURA,  all of our shippers, bottles, and jars are made with 100% recycled materials. Plus, many of our accessories come in recyclable cardboard boxes and our hair wrap towel comes in a biodegradable bag.

AURA's professional hair tools including hair clips, application brush, bowl, and comb in purple displayed on a plain background.

6. Invest in eco-conscious accessories.

You’re the first to know that personalized hair care and beauty starts with the right accessories. At AURA, almost all of our accessories are made with 40% plant fiber and 60% recycled plastic making them more durable, sustainable, and adorable. Our accessories can be used again and again so you’re not buying new products and are all shipped in recyclable packaging.

We hope this has inspired you to find new ways to care for the planet and has shown you how simply beauty can be sustainable. For more ways to elevate your self-care routine, follow us @aurahaircare on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.