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Everything You Need to Know About Our Pigment Primer

It’s prime time for pigments.

Whether you’re an oil painter or a makeup artist, a primer is needed to create a clean slate and make the colors pop. The same is true when applying pigmented AURA products to your hair. If your hair isn’t completely prepared for pigments, the results may not meet expectations—that’s where our Pigment Primer spray comes in. Our specialists sat down to answer your questions on how to use this new AURA product so you can confidently transform your look. 

Answering Your Pigment Primer Questions

“How can I avoid patchy-looking results with my pigmented masque application? Why does this happen and is there anything I can do to achieve more balanced results?”

Uneven pigment results happen to the best of us. If you have chemically or color-treated hair or use hot tools, your hair likely has weak areas. Weak areas are holes in the cuticle layer that can make it more challenging for hair to absorb our transformative pigments, causing unbalanced results. 

Pigment Primer is our easy-to-apply mist crafted to help temporarily fill in and seal these weak areas. This transformative, fragrance-free formula helps prep your hair as a blank canvas for our semi-permanent pigments to thrive on. 

Without a priming spray, you may end up with sections of hair that have absorbed the pigment at different levels. Keep your look well-balanced and avoid those dreaded uneven patches for every pigment application with the addition of Pigment Primer.  

AURA Insight: Take your time! Make sure Pigment Primer is evenly applied by combing it through the hair.

I’ve tried AURA pigments and they don’t show up on my hair. Would this product help solve that problem?”

Not necessarily. Our semi-permanent pigments do not affect your hair’s natural base color, so they don’t show as vibrant or true-to-color on darker hair colors. Like using markers on black paper, you won’t see Fantasy or Classic pigments pop as much on darker shades as on lighter or pre-lightened hair colors. 

If you have hair darker than dark blonde or light brown, you’ll need a much more vivid shade or lightened strands to achieve noticeable results. Our specialists suggest using our Balayage Highlighting Kit to make the most out of your pigmented masque or conditioner’s vibrant shade. 

Your issue could also be related to your hair’s porosity level. While Pigment Primer effects may last for a few rinses, this formula isn’t the same as a bonding treatment that chemically creates new bonds. So if your hair’s porosity is needing some special attention, chat with our specialists about adjusting your ritual’s hair goals. In the meantime, try an at-home float test to get a better idea of what your porosity level is.

“I’m about to highlight my hair using the Balayage Highlighting Kit. Can the Pigment Primer be used with this?”

Pigment Primer can certainly be used with your Balayage Highlighting Kit application. However, the real benefits of this priming mist are best seen when using it after you’ve completed your Balayage Highlighting Kit application and right before you apply your pigmented masque or conditioner.

If you are considering lightening your hair, our specialists suggest using a neutralizing pigment to keep your sunkissed strands radiant. Pigment Primer will help the neutralizing pigments adhere more evenly and give your tresses a more seamlessly toned result.

“Any tips on how to get the most out of Pigment Primer and pigmented masque?”

Of course! Before applying your pigmented masque, spray Pigment Primer onto dry hair until strands are evenly soaked and lightly damp. Comb through and follow up right away with your pigment application. 

You can also use Pigment Primer on dry hair as a pre-shampoo treatment to help create a barrier between the water and your freshly applied pigment. 

When applying your personalized masque to hair, work in small sections and either comb through or run your fingers over the sections of hair to make sure they are evenly saturated. 

AURA Insight: Avoid the temptation to apply pigmented masques the same way you would apply a deep conditioner and treat it more like a hair color application for the best results.

We hope this answered the most important questions you have about Pigment Primer. Don’t forget to personalize your ritual today and select the color-enhancing or neutralizing pigment of your choice. Don’t worry — you can adjust your ritual at any time. If you still have more to inquire about, talk to one of our specialists to find the right goals for you. If you want to stay up to date with the latest product launches, follow us on Instagram and TikTok @aurahaircare.