2023 Festival Season Hair Color Trends

Take your festival fashion to the next level with these trending hair colors.

Music festivals aren’t just about seeing your favorite acts—they’re about serving looks. If you want to look and feel like a superstar while standing out from the crowd, there’s no better way than to rock a new hair color with our pigmented hair masques. Best of all? Our semi-permanent pigments are designed to fade over time so you don’t have to look like a rockstar when you go back to your everyday life (unless you want to). So if you’re ready to elevate your festival fashion, read on to discover our top picks for festival season hair color trends.

Images of three people showing off different hair colors

Camp Coral

Person showing off a coral hair color

Inspired by coral reefs dotting the Hawaiian coast, this shade is undeniably a spring and summertime stunner. With its soft peachy tone, there’s something naturally understated about this look yet bold enough to turn heads. This shade is also flattering on a wide range of skin tones, thanks to its blend of warm rosy tones.

How To Get This Look

To make this hue pop on your strands, you’ll want to start by lightening your hair color with our Balayage Highlighting Kit. Once you’ve achieved your desired level of lightness, you can apply a pigmented masque infused with our Hawaiian Coral pigment. Follow your personalized instructions to get the best results.

Sunset Pink

Person with pink hair

Why We Love It

Much like a breathtaking sunset with bright rosy streaks, this neon shade of blush is a real showstopper. With a blend of purple and pink hues, this trending look is more bold than your typical fashion shade. Your friends will be able to easily spot you in the sea of fans, no matter which festival you choose to attend.

How To Get This Look

Start by lightening and adding dimension to your hair using our Balayage Highlighting Kit. Once you rinse out your highlights, go directly in with the Monaco Magenta Pigmented Masque for 15-20 minutes.

Rose Rave

Person with rose-colored hair

It’s all about flower power with our Rose Rave look. Pink is a go-to shade for many festivalgoers, but this unique hue brings something different to the table. Its nearly neon finish and effervescent vibes add a touch of playfulness to any of your concert looks.

How To Get This Look

Our Jaipur Rose pigment works best on light, blonde hair. If you have darker hair, you’ll want to start by lightening your hair with our Balayage Highlighting Kit. Once you’ve achieved your desired lightness, apply a masque infused with Jaipur Rose for about 15-20 minutes. If you want your hair to be even more vibrant, apply your masque to dry hair.

How To Let Your Festival Shade Fade

To quickly fade your festival hair color trend, you’ll want to cleanse with a strong clarifying shampoo. Lather the shampoo throughout your hair as you typically would, ensuring it’s fully saturated. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes and repeat if needed. Clarifying shampoo can be drying on the hair, so be sure to follow with a non-pigmented masque for added hydration.

You’ll be the star of the show with one of these festival season hair color trends—and we want to see how you make each look your own. Make sure to tag @aurahaircare in your selfies for a chance to be featured on our social media.