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The Benefits of Scalp Massage

Learn how our scalp massager can help you elevate your mirror moments.

Your dream hair starts with a healthy scalp. And an important part of giving your scalp the VIP treatment it deserves is by making a head massage part of your cleansing routine. Aside from feeling fantastic, adding a scalp massage to your wash day creates a whole host of perks far beyond simply promoting healthy hair. 

Read on to discover the benefits of scalp massage — plus get an inside look at our scalp massager and learn more about how it can enhance your shower routine.

What are the benefits of a scalp massage?

Manicured hand holding our Aura scalp massager surrounded by bubbles.

1. Reduces product build-up and dead skin cells.

Scalp massages, especially when performed with a handy scalp massaging brush, helps get up close and personal with your scalp to help get rid of excess hair product, dead skin, or dirt that your shampoo alone might miss. When you thoroughly cleanse the skin on your head from debris, it may help to reduce scalp itch and slough away dead skin cells. 

2. Helps promote blood flow.

Massaging the scalp can help promote blood flow which may help to make hair appear more full and luxurious. The increased blood flow to the surface of the scalp stimulates the dermal papillae (an active group of cells at the hair follicle base that helps with hair growth) which can help maintain healthy hair growth.

3. Helps you achieve a healthy-looking finish. 

No matter your hair texture, it’s important to keep some of your hair’s natural oils to unlock a radiant, healthy-looking finish. Adding a scalp massage to your wash day can help distribute some of those oils to the rest of the hair which will make your strands look and feel healthier. Plus, the added moisture from these natural oils may protect the hair from breakage and split ends. 

Using your personalized masque or conditioner along with a scalp massager is also an effortless way to increase moisture and ensure that every strand gets the hydration it needs. 

4. Reduces muscle tension. 

It’s true — scalp tension is a real thing. Mostly due to stress and partly posture (from sitting in front of the computer), we tend to hold a lot of tension along our hairline and behind our ears which can then affect our neck and shoulders. Scalp tension can also result in constricted blood vessels, which can reduce the flow of blood to the hair follicle.

You can combat scalp tension by making scalp massages part of your regular routine, whether done in the shower or throughout the day. For maximum tension-relieving benefits, focus your massage on the temples and the area behind the neck and ears.

5. Encourages deep relaxation. 

Similar to a body massage, something about a massage just feels calming, no matter the occasion. Using a scalp massager rather than just your fingertips can help enhance relaxation because they allow you to direct pressure and target the most sensitive parts of the scalp. Any time you can indulge in self-care to help decrease tension is good for your entire body (and hair!), so make sure to add scalp massages to your stress-relief regimen. 

Get to know our scalp massager.

Our shampoo, hair wrap towel, and scalp massager sitting on a bathroom counter.

Our new scalp massager was thoughtfully designed by our hair care specialists to help you get the most out of your cleansing routine and enhance your self-care moments. Some of its luxe features include: 

  • Soft silicone bristles. 

Each bristle is designed to apply just the right amount of pressure to cleanse the scalp of dead skin cells and product buildup while soothing muscle tension. 

  • Ergonomic design. 

The comfortable handle allows you to target precise areas of the head using small circular motions and helps prevent any slipping while in the shower. 

  • Can be used on wet or dry hair. 

This versatile tool can be used alongside your shampoo to get that squeaky clean feel, with your masque or conditioner to make sure every strand gets some TLC, or on dry hair to help encourage relaxation. Just make sure to use small circular motions and lift the tool completely out of your hair before massaging a new location to prevent tangling. 

  • Sustainable packaging. 

Each of our scalp massagers comes in a box made with 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Ready to indulge in a massage that caters to your entire scalp? Shop our new scalp massager and make it an integral part of your healthy scalp routine. and join our community on social media @aurahaircare for more insights and style inspo.