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6 Tips for Detangling Your Hair

We’re untangling the mystery behind knotty strands.

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone has struggled with tangled hair at some point in their lives, especially if your strands are on the thicker side or you’re part of the curly community. While a few knots may seem like a minor inconvenience, tangled strands can actually lead to breakage, frizz, and more. So let’s put an end to unmanageable hair once and for all with our six simple tips for detangling hair.

Wet brunette hair being combed through with purple wide tooth comb.

What causes hair tangling?

To solve a problem, you have to start at the cause. So, how do these tangles occur? Damage to the hair’s outer layer, or cuticle, causes knots to form by the open cuticles blocking each other. Basically, these tangles form when your strands wrap around each other to become intertwined, or knotted.

It’s important to note that those with more fine, straight, and undamaged hair are not as prone to tangles. While those with textured, curly, or stressed strands may experience the worst of these knots. That said, it’s important for all hair textures and types to incorporate detangling methods into their hair care routine.

Here are some common factors that contribute to hair tangling: 

  • Harsh hair care products
  • Shampooing roughly
  • Over-washing
  • Lack of hydration
  • Excessive heat styling
  • Drying hair with a towel
  • Not brushing hair daily or overbrushing
  • Sleeping with your hair down
  • Split ends

Tips for How to Detangle Your Hair

1. Be gentle when brushing your hair.

Being soft-handed with your strands is the best way to brush your hair. Whether you’re just brushing for daily maintenance or working out existing knots, gently brushing helps to reduce added stress which may lead to further breakage and damaged hair. Take your time and start detangling in small sections to be sure you’re taking it easy on your locks.

2. Work your way up the strands in small sections.

Trying to detangle from root to tip in a single pass isn’t just painful, it can cause more damage and is often ineffective at getting your tangles out. Instead, a great tip is to start brushing from the ends to the roots, using small and gentle strokes to get through the strands until your brush glides through effortlessly.

3. Use a wide-tooth comb.

The hair brush you use matters. Smaller, more narrow-toothed combs can cause more damage than good when it comes to detangling your locks as they can snag and pull at your tangles. A wide-tooth comb is often more gentle on your tangles and thus, more effective at loosening those pesky knots. Our expertly crafted, eco-friendly Wide Tooth Comb is a great option. This tool works to gently detangle hair with its snag-free and heat-safe design. Plus, its extra large handle gives you a good grip to help you really work through your tangles.

Hand holding AURA Personalized Hair Mask.

4. Try a hair mask.

Though detangling your hair when it’s bone dry is often the most effective, sometimes using a hair mask on damp hair allows the tangles to loosen up while combing. To prevent more tangles in the future, incorporating a hair mask into your regular hair care routine is a great way to prevent hair breakage while restoring and hydrating your strands. Our Personalized Masque is a fabulous option to elevate your hair care routine. Formulated with a curated blend of ultra-nourishing ingredients based on your individual hair goals, this hair masque targets your exact needs.

5. Schedule regular trims.

Keeping up on your trims allows you to maintain your hair health by getting rid of damaged or split ends that can cause more tangles and knots. Minimizing the amount of damaged strands allows for your healthy hair to exist without the added friction of open cuticles.

6. Sleep with hair in a loose braid or in a bonnet.

Protective hairstyles or hair accessories are a great way to prevent excessive tangling. When we sleep, our hair can sometimes take a beating from tossing and turning on our pillows. Ensuring you’re not locking strands in too tight, a loose braid or satin bonnet is a lovely addition to your night time routine for smooth and healthy looking hair.

With these six tips you can kiss your unmanageable tangles goodbye. For more ways to unlock gorgeous hair, follow us @aurahaircare on Instagram and TikTok.