Hair Color Trend Forecast: Spring & Summer 2023

Step into the new season with an effortlessly trendy look.

To refresh your look for the warmer weather ahead, our team of hair care experts has curated a list of this spring and summer’s must-have hair colors. Whether you want to go for a bold pop of color or a soft, sun-kissed glow this season is all about showcasing your inner beauty. Keep reading to discover each of the hand-picked trends, why we love them, and step-by-step tutorials on how to achieve these looks at home.

Three women showcasing this spring and summer's hair color trends.

Think Pink

Woman showing a pink hair color on a wavy hair texture

If you want to become a trendsetter in an instant, blush pink is one of those shades that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Most recently seen on endlessly stylish celebs like Doja Cat, Megan Fox, and Saweetie, this Think Pink hair color trend can be amped up or down to match your exact vibe. Whether you prefer a bright, bubblegum-inspired look or a softer, rose-colored style, you can’t go wrong with this versatile yet playful hair color. It’s the color on everyone’s mind!

This Look Is Best For

Think Pink mixes both cool and warm tones, making it a flattering hair color for just about any skin tone. Keep in mind, this shade pops the most on those with pre-lightened or naturally blonde hair. If you have brunette hair, it may not have the same wow factor.

How To Achieve & Maintain This Look

To achieve this pink tone, you will start by lightening your hair, then apply our Rose Gold Pigmented Masque. The lighter you go, the more radiant your Rose Gold color will be. If you’re looking for a more subtle hue, apply the masque to wet hair (instead of dry) for 10 minutes. If you want more of a neon finish, try your masque on clean, dry hair and let it process for 15-20 minutes. 

To maintain this trending color, you can personalize a pigmented conditioner to feature the same Rose Gold pigment. This will allow you to freshen up your shade with each wash. As needed, go back in with your Rose Gold Pigmented Masque for a total color revival. 

AURA Insight: To help shield your color from fade, our team recommends our Color Protect Ritual as your summer hair care routine.

Cinnamon Sensation

Woman with light brunette hair and highlights

You don’t need to book a five-star vacation to get this glowing, sun-kissed look—but you’ll look fabulous when you do. A soft yet spicy take on an otherwise traditional brunette hair color, this trend adds a little movement and depth to your color with painted-on, balayage highlights. This highlighting technique mimics where the sun would naturally lighten your strands, giving you a subtle radiance that enhances your effortless beauty. You’ll be the talk of the town with every hair flip.

This Look Is Best For

If you’re a natural brunette, you can rock this Cinnamon Sensation trend with ease. No matter your skin tone or hair texture, this versatile hair color trend is vacation-ready for nearly any brunette baddie.

How To Achieve & Maintain This Look

If you’re ready to be a Cinnamon Sensation, you’ll first need to add dimension to your hair with our Balayage Highlighting Kit. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll have glowing success in just a few minutes. Once you’ve achieved your desired lightness, you’ll then apply a Light Brunette Pigmented Masque for 10-15 minutes.  

As your hair grows out, we recommend reapplying AURA’s Balayage Highlighting Kit every 4-6 weeks to keep things light and bright all summer long. 

AURA Insight: Go the extra mile and make our Moisture Ritual part of your routine to help give your strands a naturally healthy finish no matter how much time you spend in the sun.

Mahogany Glow

Woman with curly hair and a copper mahogany hair color

Radiating with royal energy, it’s time to step into your power with Mahogany Glow. This marsala-inspired hue adds some character to your look without being too overpowering. It is one of the more subtle shades in the red family, making it approachable for all kinds of style sensibilities. So if you’re looking for a sign to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, this is it.

This Look Is Best For

We love this soft red shade because though it is still in the red family, it is more of a muted tone, which makes it flattering on all hair types. This color is great for anyone that’s been wanting to go red but is not ready to take the plunge to full-on copper. It’s also a lovely transitional shade to help you bridge the gap between brunette and red.

How To Achieve & Maintain This Look

If you’re looking for more of a pop, you’ll want to start by lightening your hair with AURA’s Balayage Highlighting Kit to create lighter dimension throughout your hair. Then, you’ll apply our Mahogany Copper Pigmented Masque to your hair and let it process for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. If the desired result is more subtle, you can go in with our Mahogany Copper Pigmented Masque right away. 

To maintain the richness of this enchanting red hue, you’ll want to use a matching pigmented conditioner every time you wash your hair. Looking for more of a pick-me-up? Apply your masque to revive your Mahogany Copper shade whenever you want to revive your color’s original radiance.

Whether you’re planning a staycation with your boo or globetrotting with your crew, we want to see your trendy hair color in action. Tag @aurahaircare in your selfies for a chance to be featured on our Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. And stay tuned for more hair color trend predictions!