2022’s Essential Fall and Winter Hair Color Trends

Fall in love with these must-try hair colors.

The colder months are upon us, and our specialists have gathered fall and winter’s essential hair colors. Whether you want to get funky and festive with a Lush Lavender look or keep things classic with a Chocolate Brunette finish, you can’t go wrong with any of 2022’s hottest fall and winter hair color trends. Below we break down each hair color, why it’s trending, and show you how you can achieve each look at home. 

Three ladies sporting the fall and winter hair color trends

Lush Lavender

Woman showing off the Lush Lavender hair color

This color is fantastic for anyone looking to have fun with a playful shade in the fall and winter months. This combination of soft purple and blue hues still evokes the celebratory spirit of the holidays while also giving your look a striking finish. With this trending, floral-inspired hair color, you can achieve a welcoming yet adventurous shade perfect for the festive season. 

This Look Is Best For

As this shade mixes both blue and purple tones, it works well on everyone. Whether you have fair skin, olive skin, or anything in between, this enchanting mix of shades will bring out your best feature — the gorgeous skin you’re in. If you’re looking to switch things up this fall with a bewitching and feminine look that’s still a little edgy for Halloween and beyond, this shade has you covered.

How To Achieve & Maintain This Look

If your hair’s starting point leans dark blonde or brunette, we suggest using our Balayage Highlighting Kit before applying a French Lavender Pigmented Masque for a more vibrant look. Then apply your Pigmented Masque for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. If you’re looking to stay on the subtle side, you can apply the Pigmented Masque directly to your hair without lightening first. 

To revive your shade with each wash, personalize a matching French Lavender Pigmented Conditioner that pairs with your Masque. This will deposit a small amount of pigment onto your strands to keep your look as vibrant as day one. You can then use the Pigmented Masque on a weekly basis or as needed to transform your look.

Bold Rose Gold

Woman showing off the Bold Rose Gold hair color

Embrace your eccentric side with this Bold Rose Gold, a brightened twist on the more muted Rose Gold shade. Though we typically see deeper hues during these colder months, this color is an eye-catching way to achieve a pop of color in the fall and winter. It might be dreary outside but your blush-colored hair will brighten even the coldest of days.

This Look Is Best For

Bold Rose Gold works best if you have cool or neutral undertones to your skin. That being said, if you like to have all eyes on you, this brilliant shade of pink will suit your daring energy. You’ll definitely turn heads with this enchanting look. 

How To Achieve & Maintain This Look

To achieve this striking shade you will want to start by lightening your hair with our Balayage Highlighting Kit. This will help the color pop and give it more dimension. 

Once you’ve reached a lighter shade using our Balayage Highlighting Kit, apply your Bold Rose Gold Masque for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse the color thoroughly, and enjoy your new fall-ready look. 

To keep your Bold Rose Gold shade rich, we suggest using a matching Pigmented Conditioner every time you shampoo for the best results. Then, use your Pigmented Masque on a weekly basis or whenever your color needs an added boost.

Chocolate Brunette

Brunette is one of those timeless shades that never goes out of style — especially when it is this rich and chocolatey. We love this trending look because it offers so much more than your average brunette hair color. It gives your hair a deep, warm dimension reminiscent of a creamy chocolate truffle sitting on the holiday dessert table. With every hair flip, this once underrated hair color will turn into your new fall and winter go-to. 

This Look Is Best For

This multi-dimensional hair color trend is universally flattering because it naturally compliments a wide range of skin tones. It’s awesome too as it doesn’t require any color lifting prior to application so it suits an array of hair textures and colors.. So as you can see, this evergreen shade celebrates nearly everyone who wants to embrace this classic look. 

How To Achieve & Maintain This Look

No matter your starting color, simply apply a Chocolate Pigmented Masque for about 10-15 minutes, making sure to follow your personalized instructions. To maintain this shade’s richness all season long, use a Chocolate Pigmented Conditioner every time you shampoo. Then, use your Chocolate Pigmented Masque on a weekly basis or anytime your look needs a pick-me-up.

We can’t wait to see which of these cool trends you choose to sport this fall and winter season. Make sure to tag @aurahaircare in your selfies at your holiday gatherings to be featured on our Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok!