2022’s Hottest Spring and Summer Hair Color Trends

It’s time to heat things up with these must-try hair colors.

Just in time for the warmer months, our specialists have gathered all of spring and summer’s must-have hair colors. Whether you’re looking to spice things up with a semi-permanent Fantasy pigment or keep things simple and chic with a Classic shade, you can’t go wrong with any of 2022’s hottest spring and summer hair color trends. In this article, we’ll break down each trend, why we love it, and show you how you can achieve each look at home.

Three ladies rocking this season's hair color trends

Whimsical Coral with Dark Roots

Woman showing off her Whimsical Coral hair color with dark roots.

This stunning peachy shade is the perfect hair color to summon those lively summer vibes. If a tropical getaway is not in your plans this summer, don’t worry — this dazzling coral makes us feel like we’re on a permanent vacation. Plus, the dark roots make this color easy to maintain with minimal effort. That way you can spend more time sipping mojitos on the beach and less time styling your hair.

This Look Is Best For

Because this shade is more on the pastel side, it works best on those with pre-lightened highlights or anyone with naturally medium to light blonde hair. This way, the color really pops on each of your strands.

How To Achieve & Maintain This Look

After you Shampoo, apply your Pigmented Conditioner in Hawaiian Coral all over, or about an inch away from your scalp for a darker, more shadowy root. Usually, we recommend applying your Masque first, but this will deposit some pigment and serve as a great base for your Pigmented Masque. To really lock in this color, apply your Pigmented Masque after your hair is towel-dried, or completely dry. Then, refresh as needed with your Pigmented Conditioner and Masque. 

Glossy Brunette

Woman showing off her Glossy Brown hair color

Sunny days can put a lot of stress on your hair — that’s why this rich color is perfect for the warmer months. It adds richness, health, and shine back into their hair without completely switching up your hairstyle. It’s the exact pick-me-up your hair needs at this time of year.

This Look Is Best For

If you’re a natural or dyed brunette, this look is for you. It refreshes your shade and helps to enhance shine for that healthy, glossy finish.

How To Achieve & Maintain This Look

After shampooing, use the Pigmented Conditioner in Dark Brunette to set a base for your Pigmented Masque. Once your hair is towel-dried or completely dry, apply the Pigmented Masque for maximum impact. Use your Pigmented Conditioner to keep up with your color and reapply the Masque when you feel like you need an extra boost. 


We love this pink shade for the whimsical versatility it offers throughout 2022 — and you will too. Whether you want to spice it up or keep it super romantic like our friend Allis above, by applying to Also known as curly-haired highlights, this popular balayage look really makes your hair texture pop. Curly hair types already have great texture and adding highlights gives your gorgeous ringlets the opportunity to stand out and be seen. Additionally, the balayage technique mimics where the sun would naturally kiss your hair without the damaging effects of UV rays. It’s a win-win for you and your hair.

This Look Is Best For

Calling all curly girls! This one’s for you. Whether you have tightly coiled hair, bouncy curls, or wavy hair, you can pull this look off with ease.

How To Achieve & Maintain This Look

With your gloves on, apply your AURA Rose Gold over dry, pre-lightened hair for 10-15 minutes then

To create this look, you’ll need an at-home balayage highlighting kit — our very own kit is coming soon so keep your eyes and ears peeled for the release. 

With that said, start by carefully reading the instructions and sectioning your hair into four. Then you will work from section to section, picking up slices of hair and saturating them with your provided lightening mixture. Apply the lightener by painting it onto the hair and feathering the paste to form a “V” shape about ½ in from the scalp. Process your highlights for the instructed time and enjoy your vacation-ready hairstyle. 

To keep your new look fresh, add one of our three Neutralizing pigments to your hair Masque to tone your highlights and maintain that natural-looking finish.

We can’t wait to see which of these 2022 trends you choose to sport this spring and summer season. Make sure to tag us @aurahaircare in your selfies on the beach to be featured on our Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok @aurahaircare