2023 Hair Colorscope: The Best Pigments Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Get a sneak peek of the year ahead and find the hair color that unleashes your inner power.

Hello AURA babe, and welcome to your 2023 Horoscopes for all 12 of the signs! This year we have some major astrological transits that are going to bring about shake-ups and transformations in all aspects of your life. But the best way to take advantage of these transits and planetary changes is to align yourself in colorful new ways. Read on to discover our 2023 Colorscope: The Best Hair Colors for Your Zodiac Sign. 

Wheel featuring all of the zodiac signs, their symbols, and the animal or object they are represented by.

Important Transits in 2023

Saturn Enters Pisces

On March 7th, 2023, our task-master planet of rules and karma, Saturn, will shift into dreamy Pisces for the first time since 1996, and stay here until February 13th, 2026. Saturn has extremely disciplinary energy and Pisces embodies a more ethereal flow, which may leave us feeling tongue-tied when we try to express our emotions. It’s important to understand that when illusionary Pisces is ruling over Saturn we may confuse our dreams with our reality. My advice? Focus on what you truly want during this time and shy away from spending too much of your energy focusing on what you do not. Where your attention goes, energy flows. 

Solar + Lunar Eclipses

This year, our solar eclipses are occupying the Aries-Libra axis bringing us New Moons with clarity that will help us break free from our old patterns and lunar eclipses (which are heightened and slightly chaotic Full Moons) that will shed light on what everyone’s intentions are. You do not want to “hold on” to eclipse energy, so I advise against ritualized manifestation during these transits.

  • April 20th: solar eclipse in Aries
  • May 5th: lunar eclipse in Scorpio
  • October 14th: solar eclipse in Libra
  • November 28th: lunar eclipse in Taurus

Jupiter Enters Taurus On May 16th

Taurus is a sign of luxury, financial stability, and ease while Jupiter is the planet of good luck and windfalls. This is a great time to dress for the job you want, not the job you have – and watch how whatever you desire comes to you like a magnet! Use color to your advantage to attract other people’s attention – reds, gold, glitter, and emerald green are all great complementary colors to bring prosperity!

Lunar Nodes Enter the Aries-Libra Axis

The Nodes of Destiny shift into new signs every 18 months. This year, the nodes enter the Aries-Libra axis on July 17th and stay there until January 11th of 2025. Our lunar nodes help us to understand the energy being brought to us for the next year and a half. On this axis, our relationship to Self (Aries) and others (Libra) will be highlighted. You could notice that the way you relate to yourself and the world around you will be intensely magnified. Because the North Node (which tells us where to focus) is in Aries and the South Node (which reveals what is causing stagnation) is in Libra, the message here is: move away from being in relationships that are convenient or comfortable which require you to sacrifice your sense of independence or confidence. It is important to find relationships that allow for interdependence, not codependence. 

Mercury Retrograde Dates

Mercury retrogrades are not a period to fear, but to prepare for and this year, we have our retrograde periods in all three of the earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) until the final instance in fiery Sagittarius. These time periods are filled with miscommunication, so be sure that if you are making any drastic changes to your physical appearance (i.e. haircuts, colors, extensions) you have a stylist that you have worked with in the past, that you trust, and who won’t get annoyed with you explaining what you want and need five times over to make sure that you’re being understood!

  • Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn (December 29th-January 18th, 2023) 
  • Mercury Retrograde in Taurus (April 21st-May 14th, 2023) 
  • Mercury Retrograde in Virgo (August 23rd-September 15th, 2023) 
  • Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius (December 13th-January 1st, 2024)

Continuing reading for your 2023 Horoscopes for each of the 12 signs to find out how to bring your most vibrant reality to life and which AURA pigments are the best hair colors for your zodiac sign.

An illustration of a ram, the animal that Aries is represented by.


Dates: Mar 21 – Apr 19th, 2023

Your Power Pigments: Dark Blonde, Warm Beige

Aries, this year is all about you putting yourself first and making your presence known in order to get the life that you desire. Remember, closed mouths don’t get fed, and this year is going to have you focused on expressing yourself with confidence and clarity. Although being loud is one way to get attention, for most of you this is going to require subtler moves to catch the eye of the right people and opportunities.

If you’ve been wondering when you were going to catch your big break, 2023 is the year. I see many of your careers and love lives taking simultaneous upswings. You may think that this is all too good to be true, but the reality is that you’ve been working overtime behind the scenes on yourself and the reward was simply delayed to show you that you are also capable of mastering patience. Mastery and perfection are different experiences, and you’ve realized that no one (not even you) should be expecting perfection from you. You are free to be raw, real, and honest with yourself and others from here on out, my rams.

For many of you, dark blonde and warm beige are fun and subtle ways to embody your quiet confidence this year. To enhance your inner glow, try adding some gold and yellow pieces to your wardrobe.

An illustration of a bull, the animal that Taurus is represented by.


Dates: Apr 20th – May 20th, 2023

Your Power Pigments: Cairo Yellow, Baltic Green

My bulls, with Jupiter the planet of luck and good fortune transitioning into your sign this year, all eyes are on you! It will seem like luck and new opportunities are falling from the sky for you… and in all honesty, they are! You are embracing your talents and capitalizing on this combination of skills, networking opportunities, and being at the right place at the right time. Trust me, there are no coincidences in this lifetime and even if something seems too good to be true, push that narrative by saying “yes” to those moments and allowing your dream life to become your new reality.

Some of you may be traveling to a bucket list destination before 2023 is over. Make sure that you are basking in these moments, and be sure to throw your phone on ‘do not disturb’ more often. Life isn’t always about wishing for what’s next, sometimes it’s sitting presently and contently in the moment. You’ll want to embrace loud and proud colors, so try Cairo Yellow or Baltic Green to stand out and let yourself shine this year.

An illustration of a twins, the beings that Gemini is represented by.


Dates: May 21st – Jun 20th, 2023

Your Power Pigments: French Lavender, Jaipur Rose

Ah, my twins… 2023 is going to be a year of accountability and recognition. You are going to have your boundaries tested more than once this year, and it’s all going to boil down to whether or not you are able to see beyond your Ego and really acknowledge when to pick and choose your battles. Life isn’t all about being right, but it is about aligning with your truth.

If you’ve noticed that certain friends, colleagues, family members, or romantic partners are bringing you more frustration than solace, it may be time to express yourself. But don’t be surprised if you end up being the one that needs to apologize. Remember, sometimes the only way out is through.

I see many of you trying bold and daring new hair colors this year, why not try a French Lavender or Jaipur Rose hair color on for size? You’ll never regret having fun and experimenting with color in a year that is so focused on “me, myself, and I” like 2023 is! The Aries-Libra axis is being illuminated by the Nodes of Destiny this year and it’s all about embracing what is truly meant for you. Once you shed these tensions in your personal relationships, you’ll have more room for joy and laughter thereafter. Who knows, a fun hair color on top might even spark a conversation with the type of fun, new friends you need.

An illustration of a lobster, the animal that Cancer is represented by.


Dates: Jun 21st – July 22nd, 2023

Your Power Pigments: Saharan Copper, Copper Golden

My dear crabs, 2023 is going to be a year of reputation-building and mass success. You are finally ready to step into the limelight, and there is no better time to embrace your truth and express yourself on the outside than this year. Because of the lucky transits going through your tenth house of ambition and career success, don’t be afraid to buckle down and grind this year. Work doesn’t always have to come with a negative connotation, especially if it’s doing something that you love.

For many of you, I see you stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing the inner creative that has always lived inside of you. What better way to do that than to brighten your hair? Some of you could benefit from bold coppers, and adding a subtle but magical touch to your mane. These vibrant reddish colors would help you stand out from the crowd and really make the type of impact on the world that you were always meant to. Like the changing leaves of fall, you are also ready to shine brightly after an important chapter of change.

An illustration of a lion, the animal that Leo is represented by.


Dates: Jul 23rd – Aug 22nd, 2023

Your Power Pigments: Black, Pearl Mahogany

 Leo, it’s no secret that all eyes are on you when you’re out, but the real question here is, “what does Leo feel drawn to?”. Instead of worrying so much about what will make the people around you happy with what you choose to do with your life, it’s time to start diving deeper into your own life’s meaning.

I see many of you benefiting from giving back and embracing your inner philanthropist, but this will also mean taking back some of your time from the wrong people and habits that you’ve been allowing to drain your time, energy, and resources. Think about it this way: if you reallocate your time away from the wrong people, it also helps them get back on their feet and realize where they need to be spending their time and energy, too.

Your reclamation of your power screams a jet black ‘do or a deep, inky shade of mahogany. You could even put bangs, layers, or a bob on there to really remind people why you are the rulers of the animal kingdom.

An illustration of a woman, the being that Virgo is represented by.


Dates: Aug 23rd – Sept 22nd, 2023

Your Power Pigments: Kyoto Purple, Irish Lilac

You are on top of your game and everyone around you is going to take notice in 2023. No longer will you fear rejection or ridicule from living your best life. You are going to start to see how much the pain you’ve endured in the past was actually just projections from other people. You are no longer falling prey to jealousy, inconsiderate behavior, or doubt from other people.

You would benefit from taking up more space this year and truly advocating for your seat at the table. Post more, be shameless with your outfits, speak up for yourself, and remember how much of a goddess you truly are, Virgo!

Your power color this year is purple. It seems like you are at the top of your energetic vibration, and the color purple is associated with the crown chakra. If you don’t think purple would suit your hair, make sure to wear more of it. And if you’re one of my blonde babes, don’t forget that AURA personalized shampoo and masques all boast gorgeous purple logos as well to add some royal shades to your shower line-up.

An illustration of a scales, the object that Libra is represented by.


Dates: Sept 23rd – Oct 22nd, 2023

Your Power Pigments: Mahogany, Chocolate, Pearl Copper

My dearest Libra, your sign is taking center stage this year with the Nodes of Destiny shifting onto your axis this year. That means the eclipses are going to be extra intense for you and bring certain changes to your life. Your career and sense of self are going to be amplified in 2023, and it’s going to be important for you to spend more time outside of your comfort zone than ever before.

You would benefit greatly from traveling more and starting to network with new friends and potential colleagues this year. Who knows what could happen after a good conversation? And if anyone can charm the pants off of someone else, it’s you Libra! Don’t discount a new city, job, or relationship as the missing ingredient in your life. There are so many endless opportunities that life has to offer, but you have to be willing to put yourself out there for them to arrive.

This year is all about enhancements and you would do great with a Mahogany, Chocolate, or Pearl Copper pigment to amplify your look. Start off by boosting your color, and watch the way the rest of your life seems to fall into place.

An illustration of a scorpion, the animal that Scorpio is represented by.


Dates: Oct 23rd – Nov 21st, 2023

Your Power Pigments: Light Blonde, Hawaiian Coral

Dearest Scorpio, this year is going to be less about others and more about you. Without rewiring the way that you look, think, and talk about yourself, others are going to have a hard time connecting with the real you. Use this year to dive deeper into what it is that you truly enjoy in life. That could be something as simple as buying a new coffee machine to make your mornings a little brighter—or adding a touch of brightness to your look with a Light Blonde or Hawaiian Coral pigment on your luscious strands.

You’ve been in your patterns for so long that you’ve forgotten how good life can feel when you’re out of them. You may mask your control and anger as “perfectionism”, but the reality is that your heart can’t discern between the two. This is the year to be more gentle, bright, and loving—inside and out, Scorpio. Let life change for the better, and remember: you deserve for your life to feel good each and every day. The more you believe that good things are meant to happen for you, the more frequently they will!

An illustration of a bow and arrow, the objects that Sagittarius is represented by.


Dates: Nov 22nd – December 21st, 2022

Your Power Pigments: Maldives Teal, London Red

My dazzling Sag, I’m getting the sense that this year is about breaking free from the chains. If you’ve been feeling weighed down by your job, your relationships, or your family, this year is going to be the one where you are finally set free. The kicker? You’ve had the key to this lock all along. It may feel counterintuitive, but the answer here is to make more time for rest.

When you are in a quiet place, new ideas can arrive with ease. When you aren’t gripping so hard on your finances, money can start to flow in more effortlessly. When you aren’t trying to control how you are being perceived by others, you’ll find that aligned connections start to pop up out of nowhere. This is the beauty of trusting the process, you start to realize that the world wasn’t out to get you after all!

And who’s to say that you can’t embrace some fantasy shades on your gorgeous locks? A Maldives Teal or London Red pigment would scratch that adventurous Sagittarian itch to see the world, all from the comfort of your own home. And who knows, you may even get a surprise invite for travel opportunities once you start stepping outside of the box. Be sure to send us a postcard from your unexpected travels!

An illustration of a sea goat, the animal that Capricorn is represented by.


Dates: Dec 22nd – Jan 19th, 2023

Your Power Pigments: Arctic Gray, Neutralizing Pigments

My lovely Capricorn, this year is going to push you to become a more dedicated and ritualistic person than ever before. Know that repetition doesn’t need to feel like punishment if the things that you are focusing on are things that you feel passionately about. This year is going to help you realize that the best relationships, projects, and lifestyles are born from consistency, and who better to take that task on than you, my earthly Cap? There is no better time than the present to make leaps into the life that you’ve been dreaming of.

For some of you, this may mean going back to school, studying something you’ve felt curious about, diving into the details of a creative project and finally bringing it to life, or getting serious about a sweetheart with a deepening approach. Whatever it is that you are setting your intentions toward this year, just know that the reward will be 10x greater than you could have ever imagined.

Whether you have blonde hair or darker hair, my Capricorns can explore an icy Arctic Gray hair color or offset brassy tones with AURA’s neutralizers for a naturally cool finish. Remember Cap, no matter what life looks like now, you’ve got this.

An illustration of a water vessel, the object that Aquarius is represented by.


Dates: Jan 20th – Feb 18th, 2023

Your Power Pigments: Light Brunette, Golden

My water-bearers, this year is going to be a year where you truly see how strong you are. There are going to be big life-changing events that are testing your capacity to handle stress with grace, and you would do well to lean on your loved ones for support and guidance.

For my Aquarians who are changing homes, moving out of state (or to a new country), or starting/expanding your families, now is the time to reevaluate your relationship to yourself. Even in a full house or a new place in the world, the one constant in your life is you. Make sure that you are supporting your mental and emotional health with resources like therapy, meditation, yoga, time in nature, and a good community of friends who will hop on the phone regardless of what time it is. When things are changing, even for the better, it can still be hard on the nervous system.

A great way to avoid feeling like you’ve lost yourself in the shifting tides of life is by grounding yourself with rituals that feel good. Carve out time to revamp your wardrobe and add bright, warm colors that make you feel happy even on cloudy days. You would also benefit from adding a Light Brunette or a Golden AURA pigment onto your hair this year for an added bit of warmth.

An illustration of a two fish, the animals that Pisces is represented by.


Dates: Feb 19th – Mar 20th, 2023

Your Power Pigments: Salmon Pink, Rose Gold, Roman Copper

Dearest Pisces, the year 2023 is going to be unforgettable for you for a multitude of reasons. I see many of you finally connecting with your inner child and making space for play, pleasure, and authenticity. You do not need to have everything all figured out in order to enjoy your life, and it actually helps the people around you to connect more intimately with you when you are being your true, silly, imperfect self. This year will push your boundaries in terms of home, family, and what roots you have.

If you’ve been struggling to feel a sense of togetherness with your blood relatives, it may be time to forgive, forget, and also welcome in the idea of strengthening the bonds with your chosen family (or closest friends). Let yourself let go of societal norms this year in order to really feel your happiest. You could find a sense of peace in stepping outside of the “norm” box with a fun fantasy color in your hair this year. Salmon Pink, Roman Copper, and Rose Gold are your power colors this year. Embrace the shifting tides of life and let the world know that you are ready to reclaim your stake as big, beautiful you with a fun new ‘do!

There is no better time than the present moment to start embracing your bold, vibrant, colorful self AURA babe! Take this year to really focus on who you want to be, and let the color of your hair reflect that out into the world. You are a bright light, and others deserve to see just how special you are — even from a mile away with your enchanting new look!

Author Bio: Meghan Rose is a Los Angeles–based writer, combining her work as an Astrologer, Tarot card reader, and author whose work bridges the magical and the material as valuable and globally-recognized insight to major publications and brands. Rose acts as a guide for her clients to help them navigate their relationships, career, and everything in between. Learn more at and follow her on Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter.