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4 Tips to Enhance Your Curls and How AURA Can Help

Curls just wanna have fun.

From natural waves to loose ringlets to coils—all curl types deserve to look their best. To embrace your natural curl pattern, it’s important to understand exactly what your hair type needs. Read on to discover our specialist-approved tips to enhance your curl type and learn how AURA’s personalized hair care formulas can help.

Smiling AURA Hair Care model embracing her short and natural curly hair.

AURA Specialists’ Curl-enhancing Tips

1. Know your curl type.

Understanding your curl type is essential to giving your hair type the attention it deserves. 

Curl experts typically use the following four simple categories to describe different hair types. Each type is defined by the density, hair texture, and look of the hair:

Type 1 – Straight Hair 

– May be unable to hold a curl

Type 2 – Wavy Hair | Loose Curls 

– Fine to thick blendable curls

Type 3 – Defined Curls 

– Loose lightweight loops to tight corkscrews

Type 4 – Coily | Tight Curls 

– Soft and fine to coarse and wiry strands; naturally dry and cloud-like texture

Distinguishing your curl pattern helps you learn the best practices for keeping your natural hair nourished, managed, and defined. Having this information helps determine what ingredients are most beneficial for your curl type in your hair care routine, so you can make sure all your textured hair products fall in line.

2. Find a washing routine that works for you. 

Overwashing can disrupt your curl pattern, so it’s important to find a cadence that works for you and allows your texture to thrive. Depending on your curl type, you may only need to wash your curly hair every other week while others may need to wash their naturally curly hair twice a week. 

No matter what shower schedule you come up with, consider incorporating a 2-in-1 CoWash into your routine to help keep your hair fresh in-between washes. Co-washes are designed to help your scalp’s natural oils flourish, and as a result, condition your scalp and curly hair. This ultimately helps lock in moisture which helps to prevent dry and frizzy curls. 

3. Avoid heat-styling tools.

Peace out, hot tools! It’s time to start embracing your natural curls. Foregoing heat styling can not only help rejuvenate your curls but also prevents future breakage and damage in the process. 

Compared to straight hair, the unique textures of curly hair can make it a challenge to manage. If curls are parched and stressed, they can become prone to split ends and damage. When heat is directly applied to curly hair types, the heat is unable to spread through the hair quickly enough and may dry out strands. 

So, if you’re known to grab the blow-dryer right out of the shower on wet hair, you might want to reconsider as this may create a frizzy look. As an alternative, we suggest air-drying your natural curls. Using the right products is also an important element of your hair care routine. Make sure to apply a lightweight, moisturizing leave-in conditioner that keeps strands hydrated for manageable definition. 

If you want to give your natural curls a bit more oomph, our specialists recommend the tried and true twist and press technique. Incorporating this gentle technique into your hair care routine is quite simple. Just grab your Mirror Moment Hair Wrap Towel post-shower, and then use it to gently press and twist your hair to wring out excess water. 

And if you must blow-dry your wet hair, here’s what we recommend: First off, use a diffuser attachment to disperse airflow throughout your curls and natural texture. Secondly, put the blow dryer on ‘cool’ to reduce any heat damage. 

AURA Insight: Diffusing can also help add body and shape to your natural curl pattern that regular blowdrying cannot.

4. Use curly-girl-approved hair care products.

The next tip to achieving lust-worthy curls? Try avoiding hair products that contain low-quality ingredients, harsh chemicals, sulfates, and any other curly hair stressors. Look for products that are formulated with curl definition in mind.

What makes AURA’s personalized three-step Rituals so special is that you can ensure you’re getting hair care that fits your exact needs. Select up to three hair goals, depending on your individual needs, from options like Enhance Curls, Moisturize, Volumize, Scalp Care, and Smooth. No worries if your goals change; with AURA you can adjust your formula at any time.

Our Curl-focused Formulas

Get a personalized Ritual that makes your curls pop by taking our Quiz and selecting Enhance Curls as the #1 hair goal in your profile. Although each formula is crafted to fit your exact blend of hair goals, here are some of the curl-specific ingredients you may find in your formula:

Sacha Inchi Oil

This is a natural oil that comes from the seed of a Sacha Inchi (or Inca peanut) plant that grows in South America and is known as a Peruvian superfood. The oil takes up to 75 years to produce and is packed with Omega-3s, making it a highly prized hair care ingredient in a variety of ways. 

Naturally lightweight, this seed oil absorbs quickly and effortlessly into the hair’s cuticle, making it very beneficial for the hair and skin. It may also help regulate oil production, locking in needed moisture that keeps the scalp and hair moisturized.

Image of Sacha Inchi Oil with description of benefits: Seals in hydration, smooths frizz and flyaways, and boosts shine.

Jojoba Oil

Used in our curl care formulas to replenish the hair’s moisture, this plant-based oil may also protect against future breakage by nourishing split ends. It is also said to boost shine and help detangle curly hair for a knot-free finish.

Image of Jojoba Oil and a description of its benefits: Boosts moisture, enhances shine, and offers a tangle-free finish.

Argan Oil

This luxe, lightweight oil is rich in hydrating antioxidants, making it the go-to hair care ingredient to condition dry strands and combat frizz. When used in our Enhance Curls formulas, Argan Oil helps add shine, boost hydration, and give curls an added splash of conditioning for protective definition.

Image of Argan Oil and its benefits: Ultra-rich in antioxidants that boost hydration and add shine.

Abyssinian Oil

Abyssinian Oil is often used to help improve hair’s manageability and leaves it with a healthy-looking finish. With high levels of natural fatty acids that effortlessly soak into the hair to enhance hydration, shine, and softness, it is obvious why this vegan ingredient is ideal for curly hair types. 

Another bonus? Abyssinian Oil may act as a shield against environmental stressors that can cause damage to the hair.

Image of Abyssinian Oil with benefits listed: Effortlessly soaks into the hair to enhance hydration, shine, and softness.

Chia Seed Oil

Derived from the chia seed, this transformative ingredient is used to deep condition curly strands while adding shine. This versatile powerhouse may also build volume and shield color-treated hair from fading.

Image of Chia Seed Oil with its benefits listed out to read: Conditions strands, adds shine, builds volume, and shields color from fading.

Vitamin E

Last, but definitely not least, is nutrient-rich Vitamin E. Our specialists often use this vitamin in our curl-focused formulas to hydrate strands and shield hair color from fading. This type of nourishing protection is essential to giving your curly hair the care it deserves.

Image of Vitamin E. Its benefits are listed as: Helps to hydrate strands and shield hair color from fading.

We hope this helped you love your curls even more and gave you some helpful curly-haired tips. To personalize your curl-approved hair Ritual today, start by taking our Quiz so we can get to know your goals.