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8 Simple Tips to Ditch Dry & Frizzy Hair

Experience effortlessly hydrated hair.

If you have hair, chances are you’ve dealt with frizz and dry hair at one point or another — but no more. Whether you’re dealing with heat damaged hair, a brittle mane from too much fun in the sun, or just want to unlock the secrets of hair hydration, read on to discover eight simple tips to ditch dry and frizzy hair.

Person touching the dry ends of their hair

1. Get regular trims.

One way to banish dry, split ends, is to simply trim them off. Healthy hair starts with getting a regular haircut every six to eight weeks. This will not only banish your stressed ends but also allow you to grow happy, frizz-free hair. Plus, who doesn’t feel like a million bucks after a haircut?

2. You are what you eat.

Believe it or not, your diet can have a major impact on the overall health of your hair. If your hair texture feels chronically dry — as in no amount of deep conditioning treatments seem to make a difference — it’s not a bad idea to switch up your diet. Try foods that are rich in omega-3s (like salmon, nuts, and seeds) and antioxidants (like berries, beans, and spinach), as both are known to help repair damaged hair while growing healthy hair that looks super soft and shiny.

3. Use an ultra-hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner.

“Hydrating” is one of those buzz words that hair care brands love to use on their products — but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is actually providing moisture to your locks, or even a fit for your hair type. So skip the drugstore hair care products and get an AURA personalized shampoo and conditioner made just for you to achieve your hydrated, frizz-free hair dreams. 

If you select moisturize as your top goal (you can select up to three different goals), you’ll get to indulge in ultra-hydrating, moisture focused ingredients like Murumuru Butter and Capuacu Butter that leaves hair nourished and shiny. In addition, all of our formulas are SLS- and SLES-free, which allows them to gently cleanse your strands without stripping your hair’s natural oils.

4. Masque regularly.

When you need an extra dose of hydration and moisture, treat yourself to a self-care sesh with your personalized masque for optimal hair health. When used once a week on wet hair, our rich, creamy formulas effortlessly soak into each strand for a luxuriously soft finish. Let the masque work its magic for at least 10 minutes but feel free to let your hair soak while you watch your favorite movie before rinsing out — the more time the Masque has to seep into your locks, the better.

5. Try heatless styles.

Heat styling can be harsh on all hair types. Period. So if you have dry hair, using hot tools like a curling iron, flat iron, or blow dryer can actually damage your hair cuticle and hair shaft making matters much worse. Occasional heat exposure is okay for that special occasion as long as heat protectant is used, but otherwise, you may want to retire your tools from your daily routine. Instead, try out some new heatless styles like a messy top knot or low ponytail.

6. Skip a wash day.

Although shampoos are perfect for scrubbing away product buildup, sweat, and other potential irritants, washing your hair every day can strip your scalp of its natural oils before they get the chance to work their way down the hair shaft and nourish your entire head of hair. To lock in more hydration, try spacing out your wash days or incorporating a co-wash in-between shampoos for a more gentle cleanse.

7. Limit chlorine and sun exposure.

We get it — we all love a dip in the pool and a day in the sun. But if you’re trying to unlock the most moisture for your hair, both chlorine and UV rays can further stress your strands. Next time you go for a few laps in the pool or layout to get some Vitamin D, toss on a swim cap or hat to protect your precious locks.

8. Sleep with a silk pillowcase.

Did you know that cotton pillowcases can actually soak up your hydrating hair products? It’s true! But unlike traditional cotton pillowcases that can devour your products and tangle your ends, a silk pillowcase offers a much more gentle touch. You’ll wake up in the morning with less frizz, fewer tangles, a hydrated finish — and luminous skin! Silk pillowcases are also great for promoting hair growth and much more gentle on your skin so you can really get your beauty sleep on.

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