Hair Science

A Guide to Our Neutralizing Pigments

Let’s tone things down a bit.

Although our fashion-forward Fantasy pigments and vibrant Classic shades are alluring, you may be looking for a pigment that defends your current color from unwanted warm or brassy tones instead. That’s why we created our Neutralizing pigments — to give your hair an ultra-cool finish with ease. 

We integrate Neutralizing pigments directly into your personalized hair care Ritual, so your products can eliminate those unwanted yellow, red, or orange tones in your hair. Below, we have created an uncomplicated guide on our three Neutralizers, just for you.

Woman with Gray hair using our purple-pigmented Neutralizer for Gray, Blonde, and Silver Hair

Neutralizer for Blonde, Gray, and White Hair

This Neutralizer is packed with purple pigment to offset yellow tones in light hair, resulting in a natural finish. If you are looking to tone down any brassy golden tones in your hair, this purple Neutralizer is the one for you.

AURA Insight: This is the only neutralizer we recommend for those with highlights, light hair, and gray hair.

Neutralizer for Brunette Hair 

Our second Neutralizer is a blue pigment, designed to offset orange tones in light to medium brunette hair. If you notice any shades of orange or ginger in your hair, this blue Neutralizer will work to unlock your cool hair goals.

Neutralizer for Dark Brunette Hair to Black Hair

Our last Neutralizer is made with green pigment which offsets any red or orange tones in darker hair colors. Any scarlet, crimson, or red tones will be toned out using this Neutralizer.

And there you have it — these are our three Neutralizing Pigments! If you have any further questions on our Neutralizers, we recommend checking out our Neutralizing page here for more detailed information on how these pigments work in your Ritual. And as always, tag us in your hair selfies on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook @aurahaircare so we can see your toned styles.