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Everything You Need to Know About AURA Pigments and Gray Hair

Your top questions answered.

You asked and we’re answering! If you are a silver-fox beauty, you may be scrolling through our site and wondering how AURA semi-permanent pigments will work for you. We get many gray hair related inquiries, from how our pigments will perform to what gray shades we offer. 

Below, we answer some of our most common asked gray hair questions. 

Woman with long gray hair

Will AURA pigments cover my gray hair?”

AURA Color Enhancing Pigments are not designed for gray coverage. Our pigmented Masques are semi-permanent, so they will tint your gray hair but are not going to give you a full coverage color experience. If you are looking for a permanent color with total coverage, AURA pigments may not be for you.

Can AURA pigments be used on gray hair?”

Yes, but only if you’re looking to tint your gray hair. In certain cases, some pigments may not even tint your grays since they are semi-permanent. For the best results, we recommend our purple Personalized Neutralizing Masques, as it neutralizes brassiness and gives your blonde, gray, or white hair an overall cooler tone.

“Do you have any gray or silver pigment options?”

We sure do! We currently have a gray Fantasy shade entitled Arctic Gray, which is semi-permanent so it will not lift or lighten your current hair color. However, it’s a beautiful silver hue that can be used however you’d like — for an all-over application, boosting highlights, transitioning to gray, and beyond!

“Do you have any suggestions to keep brass out of my gray hair?”

Warm tones love to creep into gray hair, making your grays look less bright than desired. We recommend adding our Neutralizer for Blonde, Gray, and White hair to your Ritual. Enriched with purple pigment to neutralize brassy tones, this formula offsets warm tones in blonde, gray, and white hair for an overall cool tone.

“I love my gray hair, do I have to add a pigment to my Ritual?”

Of course not — we think gray is fabulous! We completely understand that choosing to cover your grays or embrace them is very personal. If you do not want to change up your color, you can definitely skip adding a pigment to your personalized Ritual or check out our Neutralizers to keep your natural hair glowing. 

We hope we have answered your questions regarding gray hair! If you have any further questions regarding your silver locks please feel free to reach out to our Specialists — or follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more pigment tips @aurahaircare.