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Everything You Need to Know About Chemical Treatments and AURA Pigments

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Many of us use chemical treatments like Keratin or perms on our hair as they help streamline our daily hair routines. However, not all hair products are made to be used with these chemicals. Read on to learn more on how AURA’s Rituals are designed to work with these treatments, not against them.



Person touching ends of their natural hair.

“Will AURA pigments work with my chemical treatments?”

We’ve got amazing news for anyone with chemical hair treatments — you can use your personalized AURA Ritual while continuing to get your chemical treatments worry-free.

When you take our hair care Quiz, you’re asked what chemical treatments you get to ensure the correct adjustments are made to your Ritual. When you choose to add a Color Enhancing Pigment to your Ritual (don’t worry, the pigment is optional), you can apply the pigmented products to your locks when wet, dry, or immediately after a completed treatment.

AURA products do not contain Parabens, SLS or SLES (two types of harsh sulfates), which is important for clients receiving Keratin treatments. If you perm your hair and need help keeping your curls healthy, you can also add curl-enhancing ingredients to your Ritual. 

Regardless of whether you use AURA pigments on your chemically treated hair or not, your AURA Ritual always has your personalized hair care needs at the forefront.

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