How are AURA pigmented products different from other temporary pigmented products?

Let’s get personal.

At AURA, we believe that everyone deserves hair care that’s made just for them—the same goes for our pigmented products. As the first and only personalized hair care brand with the option to add temporary Fantasy and Classic pigments, we make all of your hair goals (including color) the star of the show. 

Unlike pre-made temporary hair color options that come straight off the shelf, every AURA product is made to order based on your responses to our Quiz. A few simple questions about your hair type, texture, and lifestyle help us get to know your hair from the inside out. The result is a truly personalized hair care Ritual that aligns with your hair goals. 

Discover how we stand out from the crowd and how to personalize your Ritual with our temporary pigments. 

AURA custom hair care in a shower caddy

Our Personalized Difference

Other Brands: Traditional formulas 

AURA Personalized Hair Care: Revolutionary formulas to simplify your daily routine

Our formulas are not only personalized to fit your goals, but we also combine properties that conventional hair care products don’t, like curl care, smoothing, and neutralization all in one convenient Ritual. This way you can achieve the hair you want with fewer products lining your shower.

Other Brands: One scent across all pigmented products 

AURA Personalized Hair Care: Choose your scent and strength across all products

With five different aromas to choose from in varying strengths (or none at all), it’s easy to find the right balance just for you. Want just a hint of tropical coconut and orange? Choose our Island Reverie scent in Light or Medium. If you would rather have bold herbal notes of lavender and mint, try our Botanical Dream with a Strong potency. Even if you prefer not to have any fragrance, you have the choice to keep your Ritual fragrance-free.

Other Brands: Offer temporary hair color focused on color and general hair care 

AURA Personalized Hair Care: Offers three different categories of temporary pigments that are combined with personalized care properties

Our pigmented products don’t just focus on color—they are designed to meet your exact hair needs and goals, just like your everyday Ritual. To add pigment to either your Conditioner, Masque, or both, simply go through our Quiz as you normally would and choose your desired color as an optional add-on. It’s that easy.

Other Brands: Limited color intensity options 

AURA Personalized Hair Care: Most Fantasy temporary pigments in 3 different intensities

In many of our Fantasy shades, you can select either a Soft, Bold, or Vibrant intensity to achieve the color you want. It also makes our pigments more adaptable to different hair colors. For example, if you have blonde hair and want to achieve a light pink look try one of our Fantasy shades in Soft. If you have dark brunette hair and want to see a flash of color in the light, try one of our brunette-friendly shades (see the full list here) in Vibrant or Bold.

Other Brands: Limited neutralizer selection 

AURA Personalized Hair Care: Offer three different Neutralizing shades

No matter your hair color, our Neutralizing pigments are an easy way to get rid of unwanted brassy tones. Each is crafted with a different color pigment to address the specific needs of your hair color.

Other Brands: Limited color selection 

AURA Personalized Hair Care: 50+ colors to choose from

With a wide collection of playful Fantasy shades, enchanting Classic shades, and color-balancing Neutralizing shades there is an infinite number of ways to personalize your pigmented Ritual.

Other Brands: Allow you to select different pre-made selections from purchase to purchase 

AURA Personalized Hair Care: An evolutionary process that is made to order each time

Your Ritual is designed to evolve with you and your hair. Your formula can be tweaked based on changes in your goals, the strength of particular ingredients, and even switch up the name on your bottle. Remember, your products are made from scratch, so you are in complete control over when and how you want your formula to change—even if you’re not happy with it. With our Possibilities Promise, we will work to get your formula just right to exceed your expectations.

Other Brands: Generic labels and packaging

AURA Personalized Hair Care: Personalized product labels

As the cherry on top of your personalized sundae, you can put any name you’d like on your Ritual. Whether you want to spell out your name or want it to say something fun like “Boss Lady”, you can do that too—this is your Ritual after all.

Other Brands: Generic customer service

AURA Personalized Hair Care: Hair Care Specialists

Our products are designed to deliver the best of the best in personalized hair care, so why would our customer service be any different? Our trained hair care Specialists are always ready to answer your questions and guide you through the process of creating a Ritual that truly fits your needs.

With such an impressive selection of customizable options, it is clear to see that the possibilities really are endless. Say goodbye to pre-made pigmented products, and say hello to personalized hair care by taking our Quiz today.