How to Achieve Our Rocket Popsicle Money Piece Look

Your top summer pigmented look, whipped up by our Specialists.

When it’s time to refresh your hair color, temporary pigment over pre-lightened hair is the trick to color freedom. Speaking of freedom, we thought you’d love this look for the upcoming summer Fourth of July holiday to inspire your signature style. Our Specialists went hard on this shade, using three of our semi-permanent pigmented Masques. So check it out and learn how to achieve our Rocket Popsicle Money Piece look right at home with these simple steps.

AURA's Rocket Popsicle Money Piece temporary hair color using their pigmented Masque. Go to AURAHAIRCARE.COM
Rock it, your way.

Prep Before You Pigment

To get started on this multi-toned look, create four even sections and secure them with clips or hair ties, as shown in the illustration here. Then, make a fifth small section by pulling out your pre-lightened money piece or fringe and clip it out of the way; you’ll use your money piece again in the third coloring section. 

First Pigment On Roots & Midlengths: Santorini Blue, Bold

Starting in the back and working up from the bottom section toward the top. Take small sections of hair and apply your Santorini Blue pigmented Masque in Bold intensity from your roots to about mid-way down your lengths, leaving the ends free of color for now. Continue applying your Santorini Blue to all sections in this way until all sections are colored. 

Second Pigment On Midlengths & Ends: Santorini Blue, Soft

Then, staring where the blue ends, go back in and paint on your Soft Santorini Blue pigmented Masque from your midlengths to ends. Once your ends are covered, lightly blend the two colors together where they meet to create a transition that looks gradual instead of stark. 

Third Pigment On Money Piece: Fuji Fuchsia 

Let that Money Piece loose and apply your Fuji Fuchsia pigmented Masque thoroughly from root to ends, taking small sections to ensure even application. Then clip the section back, and let it sit for about 10 minutes. 


Keep your Money Piece clipped back while you work the blue portions of your hair into a lather. Rinse your blue out first, and then move on to your Fuji Fuchsia Money Piece. Do your best not to let the colors touch or combine while rinsing. The water likely won’t run completely clear on the first rinse, and that’s ok. Have a dark towel on standby so that once you’re done rinsing you can wrap your hair up without worrying about stains. 

Finish with an awesome blowout and curl, and tada, Rocket Popsicle hair is yours. Don’t forget to snap a selfie and share it with us on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram @aurahaircare.