How to Apply Your Pigmented Hair Masque & Conditioner

Get the most out of your pigmented Masque application.

We get it. You’re excited to rip open your Ritual and slather on your pigmented Masque as soon as you can—but hold your horses. To get the best results, you’ll want to take your time and apply your Masque like a true hair guru.

In this simple step-by-step video, we walk you through the entire process from start to finish so that you can apply our temporary Classic and Fantasy pigments with confidence and ease.

Watch the video below or read on for detailed instructions. You got this.

Keep in mind that our pigments are not intended to cover gray hair or lift or lighten your current hair color.

Step 1: Gather your supplies and section your hair.

Alongside every pigmented product, you’ll find a pair of non-latex gloves for a virtually mess-free application. In addition to your gloves, you may also want to put on an old shirt to prevent any unwanted stains and grab:

  • A comb or brush
  • Hair ties or sectioning clips 
  • A dark-colored towel for post-shower clean-up

With everything you need close by, go ahead and divide your hair into manageable sections, similar to the illustration shown to the right.

Step 2: Apply your pigmented Masque to clean, dry hair for the most dramatic results. 

With either your glove-covered hands, a comb, or both, apply the pigmented Masque to dry, clean hair until completely saturated with color. Once your entire head or desired section of hair is covered, let the Masque work its magic for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure to read your directions carefully, as each Masque may be slightly different based on the pigment you selected.

Step 3: Lather and rinse. 

Once your timer goes off, hop in the shower and rinse the Masque out while directly under the water stream to prevent any splashing pigment. Gently massage your scalp and work your Masque into a lather for a more manageable rinse. The water may not run totally clear on your first rinse, and that’s completely normal. 

If you find that your roots feel a little heavy after rinsing, feel free to cleanse with a light shampoo directly at the root before flushing with water for a final time. We recommend against shampooing all of your hair after pigmenting, as this will remove the color you just applied. And remember, there’s no need to use a Conditioner right after using your Masque.

AURA Insight: A little pigment may have splattered onto your tile and tub but don’t panic—any household cleaning products should be able to wipe it off.

Step 4: Rock your fresh color.

Style your hair as usual or go for a daring new look to match your pigment. Either way, you are now officially ready to turn some heads and get your glow on. 

Step 5: Maintain your color during your next wash using your pigmented Conditioner.

Now that you’ve unlocked some major hair goals, it’s time to maintain this glamorous color boost. Use an AURA pigmented Conditioner as part of your hair care Ritual to keep your color mirror-moment-ready. Just make sure to put on a pair of gloves before you condition your hair to prevent any unwanted staining.

Now that you know how simple it is to apply our Classic and Fantasy pigments, it’s time to get started with your personalized hair care Ritual. Take the Quiz here and add a color-enhancing pigment to both your Conditioner and Masque for a pigmented look that lasts.

And for a more detailed look at our entire range of alluring pigments, you can find them all here or check out our Instagram @aurahaircare for an up-close look at some real-life results.