How to Hop On the Hot Pink Hair Color Trend

It’s always smart to think pink.

From head-to-toe blush bodysuits to bubblegum-colored scrunchies, bright pink is the color that everyone is talking about. If you’re ready to take this fashion trend to the next level, it’s time to find a hot pink hair color that suits your aesthetic. In this article, our specialists are here to highlight some of our most-loved pink Fantasy pigments. 

Collage of AURA Hair Care models showing off hair transformations using Pigmented Masques in the following Fantasy shades: Monaco Magenta, Rose Gold, Miami Pink, Tulum Pink.

1. Monaco Magenta

AURA Hair Care Pigmented Masque in Monaco Magenta showcasing the different results to expect depending on your shade of hair.
Image of AURA model who has brunette hair with Monaco Magenta pigment.

Take on this cute-as-ever trend with one of our boldest and best-selling Fantasy shades. Inspired by breathtaking sunsets along the coast of Monaco, and crafted with hints of purple undertones, this hyperpigmented fuchsia-purple hue is made for the chic and adventurous.

Even though Monaco Magenta shows up the best on blondes and highlighted hair, brunettes may see a pop of color as well. If you really want to make this pigment (or any others for that matter) really stand out, we recommend our Balayage Highlighting Kit to create the perfect blank canvas.

2. Rose Gold

AURA Hair Care Pigmented Masque in Rose Gold showcasing the different results to expect depending on your shade of hair.

For a softer, always on-trend approach to this ‘80s and ‘90s-inspired moment, try our best-selling Rose Gold Fantasy pigment. This gorgeous blush-colored hue is given a luxurious and delicate touch of gold tones that enhance your shade. Since it is on the subtle side of our pigments’ vibrancies, this customer-favorite color looks best on blondes or highlighted hair. 

Rose Gold is an ever-so-popular color, as everyone has dipped their strands in the Rose Gold pool. So, what are you waiting for? Add to your Ritual today for a whispering touch of rosé color to your hair care routine.

3. Miami Pink

AURA Hair Care Pigmented Masque in Miami Pink showcasing the different results to expect depending on your shade of hair.
AURA Hair Care model with hair colored with Miami Pink pigment.

Ready to make a statement? This scorchingly beautiful hue is one of our brightest shades of pure pink that’s ideal for both money pieces and all over applications. Inspired by neon signs on Ocean Ave., Miami Pink is our mainstay go-to hue for an eye-catching retro look that brings on the nostalgic vibes. 

This highlighter-esque Fantasy pigment pops like a flamingo-hued light when applied to blonde or highlighted hair. But don’t worry—brunettes can also enjoy the bubbliness this fluorescent-inspired hue brings as it leaves hints of pinkish undertones that can enhance darker shades.

4. Tulum Pink

AURA Hair Care Pigmented Masque in Tulum Pink showcasing the different results to expect depending on your shade of hair.

Getaway and unwind in this rich beach destination-inspired hue that glistens in natural light thanks to its red and copperish undertones. We love this berry-colored hue and how it is influenced by the cotton candy-colored Pink Lakes located on the outskirts of Tulum. 

This vibrant shade is ready to help you seize the vacay, no matter where you are in the world. For the best results that will keep your on-trend look going strong, Tulum Pink works best on blondes or highlighted hair. If you have a darker shade, try lightening your hair before applying this pigment.

5. Blonde Neutralizing Ritual

AURA Hair Care Neutralizing Masque for blonde hair. Image showcases a before and after hair swatches of toned blonde hair.

Are you ready to commit to a head-to-toe pink outfit, but aren’t ready to commit to a pink shade of hair? We recommend cooling down blonde shades or highlights with our Neutralizing purple pigmented Conditioner or Masque. This balancing pigment will help play up your doll-like features, like blonde or highlighted hair, with your three-step Ritual.

We hope this answered the most important questions you have about Pigment Primer. Don’t forget to personalize your Ritual today and select the Color-enhancing or Neutralizing pigment of your choice. Don’t worry — you can adjust your Ritual at any time. If you still have more to inquire about, talk to one of our specialists to find the right goals for you. If you want to stay up to date with the latest product launches, follow us on Instagram and TikTok @aurahaircare.