Latinx Heritage Month Feature: Beauty Guru and Attorney Andrea Peña Shares How She Does It All

Find out some of Andrea Peña’s best kept secrets.

You know those women you see that seem to do it all with ease? Andrea Peña is one of those magical women—and lucky for you, she shared her secrets with AURA. From hair care to makeup to honoring her Mexican heritage, we can’t be more thrilled to feature this incredible woman for Latinx Heritage Month.

  1. AURA: Hi Andrea! To get started, can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do? 

Andrea: I’m a Latina living in  Minnesota with my husband and two dogs and you could say I’m the girl that likes to do it all. By day, I am a licensed attorney practicing in Immigration and Family Law and in the afternoons/weekends, I am a blogger who focuses on making beauty, curvy fashion, and luxury attainable for all. 

2. AURA: What does celebrating Latinx Heritage Month mean to you? 

Andrea: To me, celebrating Latinx Heritage month means celebrating the culture and people of Latin countries. It’s more than just making people aware that it is Latinx Heritage Month, it’s also about learning about these Latin countries, celebrating what makes us unique and different and taking a month to immerse yourself in their culture and practices.

3. AURA: So we can’t help but notice that you do it all: You’re a curvy fashionista, beauty guru, and a licensed attorney. How do you bring these worlds together? 

Andrea: Quite honestly my worlds don’t really go together but I think that is okay. Often times we are told that you can’t be this if you’re that or you can’t do that if you’re doing this and that really doesn’t resonate with me. I, like most people, have several passions. Why should we be forced to pick just one?

4. AURA: We totally agree! Is there anyone that inspired you to get where you are today? 

Andrea: Yes, my parents definitely have inspired me in many ways. From an early age they taught me that connecting with your culture is important. It is something that, whether you like it or not, identifies you—which is why I have such a deep appreciation for my heritage as an adult. They both started with absolutely nothing and still today, they sometimes work 10+ hours a day. This definitely inspired both my hard work and dedication, especially when it came to law school and becoming an attorney.

5. AURA: What’s the best piece of beauty advice you have ever gotten? 

Andrea: “It’s just makeup. It will come off.” I get a lot of people that ask how I got so good at doing something like brows or eyeliner or comments on how they could never recreate a look themselves. And honestly, when it comes to beauty, practice literally makes perfect. I promise you when I first started doing my brows, they were not good. My shadow blending was patchy and my foundation didn’t match my neck—I looked ridiculous! To get where I am today, I tried again that same day or the next until I got better.

6. AURA: What is a day in your life usually like? Your daily hair routine? 

Andrea: Usually very busy! I wake up at about 7 am, walk the dogs, get ready for work, pick up a coffee, then finally head in. I work from 9 am-5 pm, head to the gym from 6-7 pm, dinner from 7:30 pm-8:30 pm, then the rest of the night is usually filled with editing, content review and prep, or posting while catching up with the hubby and TV. As for my daily hair routine, if I am running late or keeping it very casual, maybe like 1 or 2 days a week, I will usually do a sleek low bun or sleek high ponytail. If I need to be in court or have to shoot content, I use a heat protectant, hair straightener, and a dollop of hair oil for a nice sleek look.

7. AURA: Is there anything about your beauty routine that is directly inspired by your heritage? If so, can you tell us a little more about it?

Andrea: Yes, definitely: Wearing red lipstick is very special to me. For so long red lipstick has had symbolic importance with Latinas because to us it signifies both power and beauty. Lots of Latinx icons from Frida Kahlo to Selena have been known to rock a red lip. Whenever I wear one, I instantly feel that connection to my culture and that power.

8. AURA: That is so beautiful! Do you have any favorite go-to looks that always work? 

Andrea: For hair looks, I love a sleek high ponytail. Whether you’re dressed up or going casual, a sleek pony always looks good and goes with everything. For makeup, a light brown on the crease, cream shimmer on the lid, liner, mascara, and light pink on the lips always works. I probably wear this combo at least once a week.

9. AURA: Do you have any beauty products that you can’t live without? 

Andrea: Eyeliner, mascara, concealer, and chapstick. I have big almond eyes and something about a little black line on my upper lash line makes me feel more put together and powerful—so eyeliner is a must for me. Mascara to add some drama to the look, concealer to conceal those dark circles and balance out my complexion, and of course chapstick because I get very chapped lips.

10 AURA: How has your hair changed over the years and is it part of your persona?

Andrea: I am blessed that my hair itself hasn’t changed too much. Mostly because I have never really dyed it but the older I get, the more I find that I need to pay attention to my scalp. Consider this your friendly reminder for everyone that scalp care is important! While I don’t think my hair is the main part of my persona, it is definitely part of it. Being Mexican, one of our identifying traits is our thick, long, and dark hair. As a blogger, it’s important to me to always represent my true and authentic self. This includes representing my culture and everything physically that makes me, me.

11. AURA: What’s your AURA Ritual? 

Andrea: My AURA Ritual includes the full 3-step Ritual: Shampoo, Conditioner, and hair Masque. It is focused on my hair goals, Scalp Care and Volumize. I typically wash my hair 3-4 times a week and will use the hair Masque for added moisture about 1-2 times a week. For my Ritual, I picked the all-natural aroma, Botanical Dream. It was the perfect amount of fragrance and smelled fresh but also clean and minty.

12. AURA: At AURA we believe that hair is powerful and personalized beauty can lead you toward endless possibilities. What makes you believe in endless possibilities? 

Andrea: I totally agree with AURA. While looking good on the outside isn’t as important as feeling good on the inside. When you feel confident and beautiful you feel unstoppable. Other women make me believe in endless possibilities. I mean we have women who are mothers, CEOs or Doctors, dog moms, wives, volunteers, and so many other things all at the same time. It requires work, sure, but those women make me feel like I can look good and do everything I want to do.  

13. AURA: Is there anything else you would like to share today? 

Andrea: Just remember that beauty is something so individual and personal. We all have different preferences, undertones, color selections and so much more. So long as the products you use and the looks you create make you feel beautiful, you’re slaying and that’s all that matters—regardless of what works for other people or what other people think.

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