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Let’s Talk Scalp Care: Healthy Scalp Habits & Ingredients

Healthy-looking hair starts with your scalp.

Achieving your hair goals is a journey that starts from the roots—more specifically your scalp. The care you give your scalp is just as important as the love you give your locks if you’re looking to maintain the hair of your dreams. Read on to discover our healthy scalp habit tips and our favorite scalp-nourishing ingredients.

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Why is scalp care important?

Scalp care is the foundation of overall, healthy-looking hair and plays a vital role in your overall appearance. If you’re looking to promote luxurious hair growth you have to start at the root—literally. 

Though your scalp is hidden by hair and often easy to ignore, it should be cared for in the same way we prioritize facial skin care. Many common skin issues that can affect overall hair health can start at the scalp if not cared for correctly, thus developing a proper scalp care routine may help alleviate these issues and help unlock your dream hair.

Healthy Scalp Habits

When crafting your scalp care routine, it’s important to start by picking up good habits for a healthy-feeling head of hair. 

  1. Find the right shampoo for you. 

First and foremost, a healthy scalp starts with the right shampoo. Your wash days are just as important for your scalp as it is for your strands. The right shampoo cleanses build-up and allows your hair follicles to breathe which typically  promotes healthy hair growth. If you’re in search of a luxurious lather that’s personalized to your hair and scalp needs then check out AURA’s personalized shampoo that’s always made with a paraben-, SLS-, and SLES-free formula for a gentle cleanse. 

  1. Wash your hair as often as you need. 

Along with finding the right shampoo for your scalp care needs, the frequency at which you use your cleanser is also an important factor to consider. Minimal cleansing days seem to be the trending theme amongst the hair care community, but that’s not always the most effective method for everyone. Cleansing more often works to free the scalp of product buildup, sweat, and other environmental irritants that can build up throughout your day-to-day lifestyle.  It’s okay to have a little bit of oil, but a good guide for when to wash is if you feel your scalp become itchy or if you’re seeing excessive build-up. Using your shampoo more frequently frees the scalp of these clogging irritants and allows your skin to find more relief throughout the week. 

  1. Incorporate scalp massages into your cleaning regimen. 

Another great habit to form in your scalp care routine is adding on a relaxing scalp massage to your wash days. This extra element of self-care not only provides an added sense of relaxation but also has some great hair-health benefits as well. Use your fingers to thoroughly massage your scalp to help slough away dead skin cells and irritants that could be causing an itchy scalp or clogged follicles. A great tool to help in this process is a scalp massager that will help take your routine to a whole new level. 

  1. Shield your scalp from irritants. 

Our final habit to add to your scalp-care routine is to protect your scalp while participating in activities that may irritate your skin, such as swimming, snow-sports, and sun exposure. The pool is often filled with harsh chemicals which can cause scalp irritation leading to dry, itchy skin. If you’re extra sensitive, try wearing a swim cap when you take your next dip. Snow-sports expose your locks to extreme cold and dry conditions which can lead to overall irritation. Wearing a hat can help to shield your scalp from the sun while also creating a barrier to the elements. As an added plus, a swim cap or hat can help to protect your hair and prolong the life of your dreamy hair color.

Our Top 4 Scalp Care Ingredients

When you’re crafting your personalized ritual you can select scalp care as one of your main hair goals. Below are some of the enriching ingredients you can find in your scalp care focused ritual and how they will benefit your luscious locks.

Rosemary Leaf Extract

This fortifying ingredient is added to help promote healthy hair growth while fighting breakage and alleviating dry scalp issues with its antibacterial properties. 

Rosemary leaf against neutral background with benefit text.

Celery Seed Extract

This hydrating addition to your scalp care routine gently nourishes your scalp back to health by balancing moisture levels and soothing other scalp conditions.

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Known for revitalizing energy, this ingredient creates the ideal environment for healthy hair growth by improving circulation to the scalp allowing for vital nutrients to reach from root to tip.

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Tea Tree Oil

Pure tea tree oil is a great natural remedy for an irritated scalp and can work to fight against different conditions such as dandruff with its antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

tea tree leaves and tea tree oil against a neutral background and benefit text.

We hope this helped to shed some light on the importance of taking care of your scalp in order to achieve the hair of your dreams. To learn more about your locks and how to reach your hair goals, take our quiz to get personalized hair care tailored to your needs.