Mesmerizing Pigment Trends For 2022

The hottest semi-permanent hair color trends of 2022.

Now that the new year is officially here, it is time for a fun hair color refresh. We’ve tapped into our cl-hair-voyant side to take a glimpse into the future and bring you the hottest semi-permanent hair color trends of 2022. Continue reading to find the trend that fits your style—and hair—best.

Three models showing off their 2022 trending pigmented hair from using AURA hair care.

Pacific Periwinkle

Model with Pacific Periwinkle pigmented hair holding Shampoo bottle from AURA Hair Care.

As we enter 2022, get ready to see Periwinkle everywhere, as it has been honored as the Color Of The Year by Pantone. This popular color inspires creativity and personal innovativeness — and who couldn’t use more of that this year?

Dive into this modern trend with our semi-permanent pigmented hair Masques in Pacific Periwinkle. Pacific Periwinkle is one of the richer hues in the blue family so this Fantasy shade will leave your hair color beautifully vibrant, yet cool at the same time.

This Look Is Best For:

This shade looks best on pre-lightened and highlighted hair colors with barely any yellow tones. If you have yellow undertones, we recommend using a neutralizer for blonde or highlighted hair before applying this pigment. If not, the blue pigment mixed with your yellow tones could result in a shade that leans more teal or green.

For hair that’s dark brunette to black, this pigment will act more as a neutralizer and likely won’t show very much change in color.  So, if you’re looking for a hint of color throughout your locks, we recommend going with a semi-permanent shade like our Kyoto Purple. This will add subtle color to your hair that will lean more purple than blue, but still leave you with a chic, pigmented finish.

To Get This Look:

To make this color true to tone, this color is best applied on top of pre-lightened hair that’s been lifted to a pale yellow or almost white shade. Also, keep in mind that lighter hair with more yellow tones will create a deeper blue hue to this shade.

Apply AURA’s Pacific Periwinkle Masque over dry, lightened hair and process for about 10-15 minutes — don’t forget to use your gloves! After rinsing, dry your pigmented hair to see the final results. From there, reapply your Masque and maintain the color as needed with a matching pigmented Conditioner based on your preference.

Monaco Magenta

Model with Monaco Magenta pigment in her hair from AURA Hair Care.

Keep your New Year illuminated with this must-have hair color trend you’re about to see everywhere. Revamping red or brunette hair will be very popular this year, no matter the season. 

Our Monaco Magenta semi-permanent pigment is perfect to add subtle red tones to any hair color or to amp up and refresh already red hair. With hints of pink undertones, this dimensional shade goes the distance in 2022.

This Look Is Best For:

Previously dyed hair works as a great canvas for this Masque to enhance the overall vibrancy of your color. This Fantasy shade is best for brunettes with pre-lightened hair who want to add a subtle red tone throughout. It is also perfect for refreshing other semi-permanent red shades since they have a tendency to fade faster than other hair colors.

To Get This Look:

Apply AURA’s Monaco Magenta Masque (with gloves, of course!) all over your dry, previously colored hair and process for 10-15 minutes. Rinse, dry, and be amazed with your semi-permanent color.

Rose Gold

Woman with Rose Gold pigment from AURA Hair Care in her hair.

We love this pink shade for the whimsical versatility it offers throughout 2022 — and you will too. Whether you want to spice it up or keep it super romantic like our friend Allis above, by applying to lusciously wavy locks, Rose Gold can fit anyone’s personal style.

This Look Is Best For:

This shade looks best on pre-lightened hair in shades from medium to light blonde. It looks fab on all skin tones, which is also a huge plus. Another bonus: Watch and embrace how it magically changes almost daily as the color naturally fades over time, wash after wash.

To Get This Look:

With your gloves on, apply your AURA Rose Gold over dry, pre-lightened hair for 10-15 minutes then rinse. Feel free to use your Masque once a week to refresh color or as needed to maintain this rosy pink tone.

We foresee endless possibilities in 2022. It’s a year to take colorful risks that will benefit you and your creative soul. To try one of these looks, personalize your Masque to include one of our semi-permanent hair colors, or talk to one of our Specialists to find the right shade for you. And if you need more hair inspo and tips, be sure to check us out on Instagram or TikTok: @aurahaircare