Pride Month Feature: Rawlin Jefferson on Celebrating Love, Life, and Joy

Pride is about the freedom to be ourselves.

At AURA, we’re honoring Pride Month by celebrating love, life, and joy with the help of one of our favorite LGBTQIA+ creators, Rawlin Jefferson. As a stylist, actor, self-proclaimed plant daddy, and one of our enchanting AURA models, we wanted to learn more about his inspiring story. Read on to discover what Pride Month means to him and why being true to yourself matters most. 

Stylist, AURA Hair Care model, and actor, Rawlin Jefferson.

1. AURA: Hi Rawlin! Thanks for chatting with us today. First, we want to know – what does Pride Month
mean to you?

Rawlin Jefferson: For me, Pride Month is a time that LGBTQIA+ and allies can celebrate the social justice progress we’ve made and acknowledge what we as a community have endured. It’s a time to celebrate love, life, and passion. With the freedom to be ourselves, creativity blossoms and flourishes everywhere.

2. AURA: What are some ways you celebrate Pride in your daily life?

Rawlin: Self-expression is how I celebrate Pride in my daily life. Being true to who I am helps me emulate a positive aura that translates to the people around me. Having a positive mindset and outlook on the day ahead gives me an open mind to receive the energy that is being transmitted to me through others. I take great pride in allowing people to be themselves and encouraging others to live their most authentic lives.

3. AURA: If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Rawlin: Listen to the little voice that tells you anything is possible. Don’t be afraid to chase after every dream you imagine. Hard work and dedication will be rewarded in ways you least expect; keep pushing forward.

Graphic of AURA model Rawlin Jefferson smiling. Pride Month background made of rainbow collage of pictures of Rawlin living and being his true self.

4. AURA: Who is your biggest inspiration? And why?

Rawlin: My family is my biggest inspiration. They motivate me to be my best self. We are a tight-knit family and have a close bond that can’t be faulted. We push each other to achieve goals that we sometimes don’t think are possible.

My parents give me guidance that helps me manifest a family lifestyle I hope to have someday. Family inspires me to reach for the stars while supporting my journey with love and grace.

5. AURA: That’s so wonderful that your family is so supportive. Do you have any favorite LGBTQIA+ creators that everyone needs to check out?

Rawlin: My favorite LGBTQIA+ creators are actually a duo! They are the hosts of the podcast The Read. It is a weekly podcast that keeps current with the culture, giving advice, tips, and tricks to help navigate the world we live in today.

Collage of Rawlin Jefferson photos with AURA pigmented hair.

6. AURA: We know you are a talented stylist, model, actor, and all-around creative, so we’re curious—what are some ways you’d describe your personal style?

Rawlin: I have a unique and eclectic style. I love experimenting with fashion and pushing boundaries of the “norm.” Some would say my style is somewhat androgynous: a mix between masculine and feminine style and energy. 

Self-expression is very important to me. Clothes help me freely express my creativity in a way that can be shown to the world.

7. AURA:  We love that your self-expression extends to your experiment with different hair colors. Do you have a favorite hairstyle or look that you’ve tried?

Rawlin: I love my natural curls; I’m always proud to show them off. I feel my best when I have some curls showing on the top and a fresh fade haircut to compliment. I’m very experimental when it comes to color, so I love having blonde highlights that make it easy to interchange between colors without damaging all of my hair.

8. AURA: As a stylist, model, actor, and plant daddy, we want to know—how do you juggle it all?

Rawlin: A good sleep schedule, time management, and keeping an up-to-date calendar ensure that I am getting tasks and jobs completed in a timely manner.

Taking care of my body and staying healthy increases my mental well-being and keeps me engaged and aware. I also take time each morning and night to care for my precious plants, making sure they’re hydrated, pruned, and happy.

Side profile picture of Rawlin Jefferson showing off his curly hair that he added some color to using his personalized AURA Pigmented Masque.

9. AURA: Those are some game-changing tips! Can you give us some insight as to what is your daily hair routine like?

Rawlin: In regards to hair products, I keep my daily hair routine pretty basic. My hair traps a lot of heat, which for me, causes oil buildup. Generally, I start with a light shampoo wash, followed by a light conditioner treatment (which I leave in while I shower). I finish by adding a leave-in detangling product to help my hair feel soft and refreshed throughout the day.

10. AURA: What is the best beauty tip you’ve ever received?

Rawlin: The right dose of sunlight and plenty of hydration will give anyone a radiant and natural glow.

11. AURA: Since you’ve modeled for us in the past, we’re wondering what your favorite AURA product is?

Rawlin: The Pigmented Masque is my favorite AURA product, as it leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth. I love changing my hair color, and the Pigmented Masque allows me to experiment with different hair colors while nourishing my curls at the same time.

Collage of Rawlin showing off his personalized Ritual from AURA Hair Care.

12. AURA: What goals are featured in your AURA Ritual?

Rawlin: With the stress of changing hair colors and styles often, I selected Repair as the first goal in my Ritual to restore damaged hair and dead ends. Moisturize is the second goal in my Ritual, to help combat the dryness and heat that gets trapped in my hair. The final goal in my Ritual is Enhance Curls, which helps restore my natural curl pattern to a healthy state.

13. AURA: At AURA, we believe that hair is powerful and personalized beauty can lead you toward endless possibilities. What makes you believe in endless possibilities?

Rawlin: Just a year ago, I was living on the east coast working in an entirely different industry. After having a “quarter-life crisis”, I decided to pack up my life and move 3000 miles away from everything and everyone I knew. Now, I am thriving in my new career and I couldn’t be happier. I took a chance on myself and life, and it’s paying off. Believing in yourself is the greatest gift we can give.

14. AURA: We couldn’t agree more. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you would like to promote or share?

Rawlin: Follow me on Instagram @rawndezvous to keep current with my journey!

We are forever inspired by our time with Rawlin Jefferson. To learn more about Rawlin’s creative ventures and see what he’s up to next, make sure to follow him on Instagram @rawndezvous.  

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