The Best Pigment Based on Your Birthstone

Give your day a sprinkle of gem-inspired magic with a Pigmented Masque that pairs perfectly with your birthstone.

Specifically chosen by crystal experts, your birthstone is far more than just a pretty jewel—it’s a reflection of who you are. So it’s time to celebrate your natural essence from the inside out with an AURA Pigmented Masque that matches your birthstone. Read on to discover the best semi-permanent hair color based on your birthstone and make every day your birthday.

Photo of AURA's Pigmented Masque surrounded by gems and sparkles
Swatch of Red Mahogany pigment and Garnet birthstone


Birthstone: Garnet

Pigment: Red Mahogany

At the start of the year, it’s very important to feel grounded and safe so that you can bravely explore new possibilities and uncharted passions. Garnet is the perfect adventure partner for January birthdays because it is said to have ultra-grounding effects that bring the owner to the present moment. This reddish-hued stone may also help you keep your boundaries firmly respected and established while also helping to remove inner blockages so that you can freely investigate your soul’s desires. 

Much like that fiery sense of exploration you feel at the beginning of a new year, our Red Mahogany pigment brings that flame to life. This rich shade of red helps you to radiate confidence and embrace the unknown—you can do anything when your hair looks and feels this good.

Swatch of Kyoto Purple pigment and Amethyst birthstone


Birthstone: Amethyst

Pigment: Kyoto Purple

If you’re a February baby, chances are you constantly seek balance in your life. It’s easy to get swept away by your passion and go to the extreme in your career, relationships, and beyond. That’s why amethyst is your energy-balancing secret. 

Marked by its striking purple hue, this crystal neutralizes imbalances in your life and helps you make healthy decisions. This stone is also thought to serve as a reminder to pamper your body and mind so that you can stay focused on your goals. Many crystal experts recommend that you take an amethyst crystal with you wherever you go. 

So if you want to bring a bit of this gem’s energy to your everyday life, try coloring your hair with a Kyoto Purple Pigmented Masque. This rich violet Fantasy pigment is equal parts whimsical and dramatic to create a perfectly balanced finish.

Swatch of Pacific Perwinkle pigment and Aquamarine birthstone


Birthstone: Aquamarine

Pigment: Pacific Periwinkle

For those born in March, you need a go-with-the-flow kind of stone like Aquamarine that can help steer you in the right direction without dampening your dreams. This soft-blue-colored gem encourages you to follow your curiosity and may also help you cast self-doubt aside or quiet any anxious chatter in your mind. It’s like sailing on smooth waters with this stone. 

Keep those calm vibes going with an oceanic hair color like Pacific Periwinkle. Drawing inspiration from the crystal blue coastlines, this shade inspires a calm state of mind while helping you stand out from the crowd—you’re one of kind, and don’t ever forget it.

Swatch of Arctic Gray pigment and Diamond birthstone


Birthstone: Diamond

Pigment: Arctic Gray

Diamond comes from the word “adamas” which means invincible—and that’s you April baby. These virtually indestructible gemstones help you stand strong in your sparkling truth, even though you’re exceptionally adept at this skill all on your own. Diamonds are also a brilliant daily reminder that there’s a light at the end of every tunnel, no matter how difficult the situation may seem. 

Take a little bit of that strength everywhere you go with our Arctic Gray Fantasy pigment. Like a suit of armor, this silver-ish hue transforms your look without damaging your strands.

Swatch of Baltic Green pigment and Emerald birthstone


Birthstone: Emerald

Pigment: Baltic Green

May’s birthstone, emerald, is a deep green crystal that has shone brightly throughout mythology and history. Many crystal connoisseurs believe that this gem can manifest good fortune, endless abundance, and long-lasting health—all things we can use a little more of in our day to day. Additionally, emerald is said to radiate growth and creativity while honing your ability to speak your dreams into existence. 

With our Baltic Green Pigmented Masque, you can manifest your greatness on your birthday and beyond. Like fresh spring leaves reaching for the sun, this rich green hair color will attract your ambitions and unlock a new level of effortless cool.

Swatch of Intense Pearl pigment and Alexandrite birthstone


Birthstone: Alexandrite

Pigment: Intense Pearl

Symbolizing intellect, prosperity, and luck, Alexandrite helps all those with June birthdays to achieve their highest potential. But rather than just grant you your every wish, Alexandrite goes even deeper, encouraging you to see the beauty in every situation. This stone also changes color depending on the light, so expect to discover a shift in self-esteem, and as its dynamic colors indicate, it also helps you to embrace your ever-changing being.  

Because Alexandrite is one of those jewels that can transform colors in the blink of an eye, we love our Intense Pearl shade to complement your demeanor. This semi-permanent hair color offers a deep purple tone to light blonde hair colors, while brunettes may uncover pearlescent shine to their strands.

Swatch of Granada Red pigment and Ruby birthstone


Birthstone: Ruby

Pigment: Granada Red

July babies, you get the striking red ruby birthstone all to yourself. Although everyone can benefit from the ruby’s grounding and protecting energy, this stone specifically helps you to cleanse your energy of negative thoughts and banish any self-doubt. We’re only moving with self-love from now on, baby! 

To match your newfound sense of confidence, you need a vibrant color to match, like our Granada Red Fantasy shade. This deep crimson hue radiates self-assuredness and will leave you feeling powerful.

Swatch of Cairo Yellow pigment and Peridot birthstone


Birthstone: Peridot

Pigment: Cairo Yellow

Often associated with the fierce Hawaiian Goddess of fire and volcanoes, Pelé, peridot can help August birthdays clear away any energies holding them back, such as insecurity or indecision like a volcanic eruption. This bright green gemstone also aids in nurturing strong boundaries and standing confidently in your choices, even when they go against the grain. 

When it comes to your hair color, we recommend our Fantasy pigment, Cairo Yellow. We know, we know — it’s not green. But an explosive soul like yourself can effortlessly rock this nearly neon shade with ease. You don’t mind standing out and this sunny shade will certainly make some jaws drop.

Swatch of Santorini Blue pigment and Sapphire birthstone


Birthstone: Sapphire

Pigment: Santorini Blue

Long revered as the “wisdom stone”, September’s birthstone is the deep blue sapphire. Helping us to connect with our higher self and our inner empath, this gem is all about making choices with everyone’s best interests at heart. It helps the wearer to see the bigger picture before taking action and keeps any fear-based thinking at bay. 

To continue to bask in your own self-worth, try diving into the cool waters of Greece with our Santorini Blue Pigmented Masque. It’s an adventurous shade of azure that mimics your birthstone so you can remember to stay true to yourself at all times. 


Swatch of Monaco Magenta pigment and Opal birthstone

Birthstone: Opal

Pigment: Monaco Magenta

Naturally found in a variety of shades, opal is well-suited for anyone born in October. With endless shimmering rainbows just below the surface of this gem, it serves as a sparkling reminder to always look below the surface. It’s important for you to look deeper and look closer to discover the true essence of yourself and others. 

To not only match this mysterious stone but also complement its meaning, we suggest our Monaco Magenta Pigmented Masque. Similar to the hot pink sunsets that this shade is inspired by, this color is dimensional and dynamic on a variety of hair colors. 

Swatch of Roman Copper pigment and Golden Topaz birthstone


Birthstone: Golden Topaz

Pigment: Roman Copper

For everyone born in November, your birthstone is golden topaz. According to crystal gurus, this mineral vibrates an incredibly noble energy—meaning it helps you to walk a higher path when possible and do the right thing. It may also help those born at this time of year to tap into their empathetic side. You’re able to see outside yourself, put your stress aside, and take in what’s truly important. 

To pair with those noble vibes, our Roman Copper Pigmented Masque takes you into your golden era. With a vibrant coppery hue, this hair color adds an air of royalty to your everyday life. 

Swatch of Maldives Teal pigment and Turquoise birthstone


Birthstone: Turquoise

Pigment: Maldives Teal

Born in December? Your birthstone is turquoise, a light-greenish blue mineral that has been revered for centuries. Rooted in mythology, it is believed to have both strengthening and healing properties. Many say that turquoise may relax the mind while protecting the wearer from harm. With this stone in hand, good things are on the horizon for anyone born in December. 

To align with your birthstone, our Maldives Teal Pigmented Masque may be able to take things to the next level. Teal combines the relaxing properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green, so you can start this new year on the right foot.

We hope this hair color guide left you inspired and ready to celebrate your birthday any day—because you deserve to be celebrated. Whether you want to shop your birthstone pigment today or treat yourself on your birth month, the power is in your hands. For more hair color inspiration, hair care tips, and exciting giveaways, join the conversation on Instagram @aurahaircare.