The Best Pigment in 2021 for Your Astrological Sign

Find your celestial hair color match.

Your astrological sign does far more than simply guide your love life—it can also guide your hair color journey. Whether you are a fiery Sagitarrius or a peace-loving Libra, we’re here to help you determine which of our temporary pigments complements your zodiac sign.

AURA Ambassador with Jairpur Rose pigmented hair.
AURA hair care pigment color for Aries zodiac sign


Aries Dates: March 21st-April 19th

Ruling Planet: Mars

Symbol: The Ram

Element: Fire

Your AURA Pigment: London Red

As the first sign in the Zodiac calendar, you are known for courageously leading the way in all that you do. You never shy away from a new frontier, especially when it comes to your style. To complement your confidence, opt for one of our most vibrant temporary Fantasy pigments, London Red

Whether in your Conditioner, Masque, or both, this daring shade of red mirrors your passion for like—so go ahead and embrace your bold, Aries!


AURA hair care pigment color for Taurus zodiac sign

Taurus Dates: April 20th-May 20th

Ruling Planet: Venus

Symbol: The Bull

Element: Earth

Your AURA Pigment: Rose Gold

Much like a timeless gold ring, Taurus are dependable and serene yet luxurious and refined. According to, you love the finer things in life but also know how to work hard to get what you want. Ruled by Venus, you are enchanted by any physical manifestation of comfort and luxury.

Brimming with charm, our Fantasy Rose Gold temporary pigment has your name written all over it. Its unique blush twist on a classic gold hue is exactly what you need to feel decadent while you lightly shimmer throughout your day.

AURA hair care pigment color for Gemini zodiac sign


Gemini Dates: May 21st-June 20th

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Symbol: The Twins

Element: Air

Your AURA Pigment: Santorini Blue

Always the life of the party, a Gemini never runs out of things to say. Led by inquisitive Mercury, you have the gift of gab and a natural curiosity about everything that comes your way. Being brainy gives you endless imagination and you can often be found with your head in the clouds, dreaming up your next quick-witted quip. 

To match your airy affinity, try our Fantasy Santorini Blue temporary pigment. Ideal for a Gemini, this Grecian-inspired shade is reminiscent of a crystal-clear blue sky and is as bright as your mind.

AURA hair care pigment color for Cancer zodiac sign


Cancer Dates: June 21st-July 22nd

Ruling Planet: Moon

Symbol: The Crab

Element: Water

Your AURA Pigment: Saharan Copper

If the phrase “home is where the heart is” was a sign, it would be Cancer. You take comfort in your relationships with close family and friends and you will do anything to protect them. Nurturing comes easy to you especially when your loved ones are involved. 

Guided by the Moon, our Fantasy shade Saharan Copper gives you an equal luminary shine. Inspired by the desert sun, this rich shade glimmers in the light and radiates warmth—so go ahead and get your glow on, Cancer.

AURA hair care pigment color for Leo zodiac sign


Leo Dates: July 23rd-August 22nd

Ruling Planet: Sun

Symbol: The Lion 

Element: Fire

Your AURA Pigment: Roman Copper

When a Leo enters the room, you feel it. Born with undeniable magnetism, you love being the center of attention and embrace the limelight at any time. Like a fierce lion, you are ambitious, dynamic, and ready to conquer everything you set out to do. 

Embrace your inner roar with our Roman Copper temporary pigment. With a shimmery finish and warm undertones, this eye-catching Fantasy shade reserved for courageous souls like yourself.

AURA hair care pigment color for Virgo zodiac sign


Virgo Dates: August 23rd-September 22nd

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Symbol: The Virgin

Element: Earth

Your AURA Pigment: Hawaiian Coral

With a keen eye for details, nothing goes unnoticed by a Virgo. Mercury brings out your precise and practical mindset to keep you cool as a cucumber when under pressure. You’re a self-sufficient, multi-talented butterfly with a hidden creative side. 

Let all of your gifts shine with a boost of Hawaiian Coral in your Masque or Conditioner. This sunkissed Fantasy shade adds just enough depth to your hair to please your exacting eye and show off your visionary attitude.

AURA hair care pigment color for Libra zodiac sign


Libra Dates: September 23rd-October 23rd

Ruling Planet: Venus

Symbol: The Scales 

Element: Air

Your AURA Pigment: Monaco Magenta

Symbolized by The Scales of Justice and ruled by Venus, Libras have an impressive balance of passion and fairness in all that they do. People flock to your infectious personality and you can charm the pants off of anyone. While you are a giving soul that leads with your heart, you also love to indulge your own desires. 

Feel free to indulge away Libra, with our enchanting Monaco Magenta temporary pigment. From brunette to blonde, this dreamy Fantasy shade of pink feels decadent yet approachable for a balanced look.

AURA hair care pigment color for Scorpio zodiac sign


Scorpio Dates: October 24th-November 21st

Ruling Planet: Mars and Pluto

Symbol: The Scorpion

Element: Water

Your AURA Pigment: Granada Red

Determination is your middle name, Scorpio. Whether it’s asking the essential questions or getting to the bottom of any issue, you know how to get straight to business with calm precision. Your go-with-the-flow water vibe makes you the most resilient in times of conflict or stress.

Needless to say, you can handle the heat in any kitchen—so give your hair a fiery finish with Granada Red. This courageous Fantasy shade of red matches your brave energy and zest for life.

AURA hair care pigment color for Sagittarius zodiac sign


Sagittarius Dates: November 22nd-December 21st

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Symbol: The Archer

Element: Fire

Your AURA Pigment: Sonoma Red

A Sagittarius is a natural head-turner, and for good reason—your inner flame blazes the way. Your zeal, energy, and unwavering faith are an inspiration to friends, family, and beyond. Your confident, gutsy attitude is what drives you to pursue your goals with unmatched fervor. 

To add fuel to your flame, give your hair a temporary boost with our Sonoma Red Fantasy pigment. Fit for a trailblazer, this rich red hue is unmistakably Sagittarius.

AURA hair care pigment color for Capricorn zodiac sign


Capricorn Dates: December 22nd-January 19th

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Symbol: The Sea-goat

Element: Earth 

Your AURA Pigment: Chocolate

Talk about some serious goal-getter energy. Capricorns know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to get it. You fiercely chase after your dreams with tenacity and a spunky spirit. When you aren’t getting down to business, you love getting down and dirty with DIY projects or gardening—your well-hidden sensitive side relishes in the chance to watch something grow from start to finish. 

Your no-nonsense attitude makes you a perfect fit for our Classic Chocolate pigment.  This hue shimmers in the light and adds a touch of character to your otherwise straightforward demeanor.

AURA hair care pigment color for Aquarius zodiac sign


Aquarius Dates: January 20th-February 18th

Ruling Planet: Saturn and Uranus

Symbol: The Water-bearer

Element: Air 

Your AURA Pigment: Arctic Gray

As an air sign, you’re all about deep conversations and sharing your knowledge whenever you get the chance—you have trustworthy undeniable wisdom. Driven by both assertive Saturn and unruly Uranus, you’re equal parts gentle guru and rebel spirit, unveiling your truly eclectic personality. 

With poise beyond your years, it is only right for you to go for our Arctic Gray Fantasy pigment. This cool shade of icy gray feels fresh, light, and utterly chic, just like you.

AURA hair care pigment color for Pisces zodiac sign


Pisces Dates: February 19th-March 20th

Ruling Planet: Jupiter and Neptune

Symbol: The Two Fish

Element: Water

Your AURA Pigment: Kyoto Purple

As the final sign in the Zodiac calendar, Pisces have a little piece of all the eleven signs before it. While you like to keep many of your talents under wraps, your friends know you as a selfless, spiritual being focused on their inner journey. You feel deeply and place great importance on the inner workings of your mind, body, and soul. 

Your complex personality and empathetic ways often give you an air of mystery, making you a perfect match for our Fantasy shade, Kyoto Purple. Whether you are a brunette or a blonde, this exotic shade of violet lures you in and leaves you wanting more.

Just like our celestial backyard, the possibilities are endless when it comes to our Fantasy and Classic color-enhancing pigments. Use this article as a guide to match your astrological energy or feel free to explore our entire collection of temporary colors. 

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