The Redhead Guide to AURA

All shades of red welcome.

If you currently have red hair, regardless of if it is natural or not (we won’t tell!) we are here to provide you with expert advice. There are several options for you to choose from including refreshing your eSalon Custom Color, staying within the same color family or going with a completely different color, such as one of our Fantasy colors.

Wanting to enhance your eSalon Custom Color?

If you are wanting to enhance your current Custom Color from eSalon, you will see the recommended Classic shades with diamond-shaped indicators on the recommended colors (up to four).

The recommended colors will be the same for both your pigmented masque and your conditioner. Any of the four would be complementary to your current color and if you have any questions about the recommended shades, please contact our AURA Specialists for help.

Wanting to change it up a bit?

If you want to stay in the same red/copper family as your current color but want to change it up a bit, we have some stunning options as well! We have multiple choices for red colors in both our classic and fantasy colors. In our reds and coppers, Sonoma Red, London Red, Spanish Copper, and Mahogany are definitely all fan favorites. Salmon Pink and Hawaiian Coral are both wondrous transitional colors if going to another tone, such as copper versus red.

Want to go pink?

If you want to branch out a bit but stay close to home, try one of our pinks. Tulum Pink, Miami Pink, Monaco Magenta, Salmon Pink or Hawaiian Coral are all great options if you want to try something different but not too extreme. You can do a small section of your hair a different color or just apply to your ends.

Want to go with a Fantasy Color?

Now, if you are wanting to go to an altogether different color and dip into our Fantasy Colors, such as Santorini Blue or Baltic Green, you will need to neutralize or remove the red tones out of your hair. If you are a natural redhead, this may involve you going to a more neutral base color, such a brunette first, then using our products. If you have colored your hair red or copper, you will need to get a color correction done and then apply the color you are desiring. 

Why is this? It has to do with how colors interact with each other. For example red and blue would mix together and create purple typically. However, that may not be the case depending on the true undertone of your color. When you mix green and red together, you get brown, which would not be your desired color when applying Baltic Green.

Currently, we do not have swatches that show the pigment applied to red hair. However, we do offer our “Try It On” feature while filling out our quiz, which will help to show the results of the pigment. Additionally, your Ritual is backed by our Possibilities Promise and our Specialists are here to assist if you have any questions.

We cannot wait to see how your Ritual turns out and don’t forget to snap a selfie and share it with us on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram @aurahaircare.