Ways to Keep Cool and Stay Vibrant During the Summer

Beat the heat with these refreshing tips.

During the summer it can be difficult to beat the heat, let alone look fresh and fabulous while doing so! Luckily, we have some noteworthy tips to help you and your hair out this summer and whenever you’re in the sun. 

Our AURA Hair Care model with fresh and fabulous summer hair taking in the sunshine rays.

5 Tips to Keep It Cool In the Heat

  1. Turn it down (Part I):

    Showering with hot water is one of the worst skin and hair crimes you can commit. Not only does it dry out your hair and skin, but it will cause your color to run. Save your skin, hair, and sanity – turn down the temperature in the shower. 
  2. Turn it down (Part II): 

    The same rule as tip #1 goes for your favorite hot tools, like your blow dryer and straightener. Set your dryer to “Cool” and turn down the temperature on your straightening iron. Also, don’t forget to spray eSalon’s Triple Prep heat protectant in your hair before using the tools. 
  3. How to be swim-pressive:

    Since our pigments are semi-permanent, chlorine is very harsh on hair color and may cause your pigment to fade much faster than expected. To help prevent this, we recommend wearing a swimming cap or keeping your hair up and out of the pool water.
  4. Switch it up:

    Throughout the year, your hair needs will change. During the summer, you may want to use a non-pigmented Masque once to twice a week for extra protection and moisture for your hair. You can also adjust your Ritual whenever to have meet your needs for that season. If you get stuck or need help, reach out to our team of AURA Specialists. We’re here to help!
  5. Park it in the shade:

    Whenever possible, keep yourself (and your hair) in the shade. This will not only protect your hair from sun damage but your skin as well. If it just isn’t possible to stay in the shade, throw on a wide-brimmed hat, SPF on your face and body, as well as sunglasses to protect your eyes. If a greater level of sun protection is needed, you can also purchase products that offer UV protection in them to fully shield your color. Our top pick is the eSalon Velvet Primer.

The summer is a great time to go outdoors, go on vacation, and simply relax. We hope these tips help to make summer and warm, sunny days more enjoyable

We cannot wait to see how your Ritual turns out and don’t forget to snap a selfie and share it with us on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram @aurahaircare.