Ways To Recycle and Reuse Your Ritual

Enjoy your Ritual long after the shower is over.

It can be challenging to find information on what can and cannot be recycled from a company’s product packaging. We’re here to break it down for you with helpful tips and tricks to recycling and reusing all the packaging material of your Ritual. When recycling, check with your city to see if our products can be recycled in your area as not all recyclable materials are accepted at all recycling locations. 

A photo of the inside of our Ritual packaging box made with recyclable materials.

How To Recycle The Contents of Your Ritual

The Box

The possible ways the box your Ritual arrived in can be recycled or reused are endless. Use it to store your Ritual, hold mementos, or wrap it up to use as a gift box.

We use biodegradable honeycomb paper to help keep your Ritual safe during its travel to you. It is recyclable and can also be reused when shipping a package to help keep those goodies protected. 

Your instructions and the box your gloves came in (only Rituals including pigmented products will receive gloves) are recyclable. 

The gloves (again, only if your Ritual includes a pigmented product will you receive gloves) are reusable. Once they are no longer usable, they will need to be disposed of. 

AURA Insight: if you’re looking for a more sustainable way to continue using gloves while coloring, purchase a pair of inexpensive kitchen gloves and deem those your “coloring gloves.” Hang them to dry via a suction cup hook in your shower in between uses. 

Bottles and Masque Containers

Bottle caps and pumps are reusable but are not recyclable. 

Once emptied and cleaned of products, our bottles and Masque containers can be recycled, or – even better – you can upcycle them and give them new life!

Our Shampoo and Conditioner bottles are great for traveling. Fill up an empty bottle with the amount of product you desire to travel with, and if you have a larger bottle of product you can use our smaller bottles to help divide up the product as well.

Upcycled AURA Masque containers being reused as planters for succulents.

For our Masque containers, they are the perfect size for so many items and ideas. Here are some great ideas our team came up with: 

In the Bathroom

-Reusable cotton round holder 

-Hair tie holder 

-Lipstick/ lip balm organizer 

-AURA Glove holder 

In the Office: 

-Staples holder

-Small Sticky Notes holder

-Thumbtack holder

-Small Paper Clip Holder 

-Washi Tape Organizer/Holder 

-Postage Stamp Holder 

-Magnetic bookmark holder

Around the home: 

-Starter pot for plants, like succulents and other small plants. 

-Cord Organizer 

-Crayon holder 

– Fill with small stones and put a small fake plant for decoration

-Loose change holder

Please note: We do not recommend putting hot liquids or products in our containers, nor do we recommend putting edible items in our containers either. 

If you come up with any up-cycling ideas or use the ones shared here, take a photo and share it with us on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram @aurahaircare.