Your Top Pigment Questions Answered

You asked, we answered.

When it comes to personalization, we don’t mess around. With endless ways to customize your Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque to fit your exact hair goals, we’re here to revolutionize the way you think about hair care—and the same goes for your hair color. 

Included as an optional add-on to your personalized Ritual, our Classic and Fantasy temporary pigments allow you to explore new hair color frontiers without the long-term commitment of conventional hair dyes. With that said, we know that you may have a few questions about how to get the most out of your pigmented products.

Do your products cover gray hair?

We get asked this question a lot, and unfortunately, our pigmented products are not designed to cover gray hair. If you typically cover your grays with our sister brand, eSalon’s Demi or Permanent hair color, AURA’s pigmented products can be used to enhance your current shade or give it an extra boost of color, but they won’t replace the hair color you use to cover grays. For more detailed information, see our blog about gray hair and our temporary pigments here.

Will your pigments lighten or bleach my hair?

AURA’s temporary pigments will not lift, lighten, or bleach your hair. Keep in mind that you’ll likely only be able to achieve particularly light shades, like pastels, with our temporary pigments if your hair is naturally a light blonde or it is already bleached.

Do you offer different pigment intensities?

We sure do! We offer Soft, Vibrant, and Bold intensities for most of our Fantasy pigments so that you can achieve the best color results for your lifestyle and current hair color. Here’s a little more information on each to get you started, but feel free to check out our blog on intensity differences for more details: 

  • Soft: Light finish, best results on pre-lightened and light hair colors—not recommended for brunettes.
  • Vibrant: Medium finish, most vibrant on pre-lightened hair and light to medium hair colors.
  • Bold: Richest color result, most visible on pre-lightened hair and light to medium hair colors, subtle color results on dark hair colors.

How are your temporary pigments different from permanent hair dyes?

Our temporary hair pigments are designed to fade from wash to wash for a short-term commitment. On the other hand, permanent hair dye will permanently dye your hair and will not wash out over time.

What’s the difference between your Fantasy, Classic, and Neutralizing pigment options?

Each of these options offers something a little different:

  • AURA Fantasy pigments are non-traditional hair colors, such as purples, pinks, or blues, and are inspired by iconic travel destinations. Oooh-la-la!
  • AURA Classic pigments come in shades that you might recognize like blonde, copper, and brunette. They are crafted to enhance or give your current hair color an added boost in the light.
  • AURA Neutralizing pigments help to offset unwanted brassy or warm tones in any hair color. For example, if your dyed blonde hair is looking a little too yellow, our Neutralizing pigments may help even out your tone for a more natural-looking finish.

 How long do your temporary pigments last?

Each of us has different hair, so we cannot give you an exact estimate of how long it will take your color to fade. Your results will depend on several factors, like the condition of your hair (i.e. has it been bleached or colored recently) and how often you wash your hair. 

With that said, we can guide you in the right direction to get the results you want. For a richer color result, we recommend our pigmented Masques. If you’d like to maintain the color you achieved through your pigmented Masque, try combining it with our pigmented Conditioners to keep your color fresh with each wash.

How can I purchase your products with different pigments?

While we want you to have the freedom to explore, we don’t currently offer the ability to order multiple pigments on your first order. 

If you’d like to change your pigment in each product on your next order, you can absolutely do that—simply go to your account, click “My Hair Care”, and then select “Edit Formula” on your desired product.  In addition, our Specialists are always here, via chat, email, or phone, to offer guidance and pigment recommendations to get you started on the right foot.

My pigment isn’t washing out. What should I do?

We’re sorry your pigment isn’t washing out as quickly as you’d like, but don’t fret. To help speed up the process, we recommend using a clarifying shampoo or doing an extra shampoo in the shower to remove excess pigment. 

All of our pigments are semi-permanent and will wash out over time, but they may last longer on certain hair types depending on the pigment you chose and the condition of your hair. 

I got pigment in my Conditioner and Masque. How do I use these products together?

We are so excited that you took the first step in exploring a fresh, new look! While it’s important to check your Ritual for your personalized instructions, we recommend starting with your Masque on clean, dry or towel-dried hair. 

After applying the Masque and letting it soak in strands for about 10-15 minutes, you can do a light Shampoo at your roots if they feel heavy after rinsing thoroughly—but there’s no need to fully Shampoo your hair or use a Conditioner immediately after. Simply rinse, and style as normal. 

The next time you wash your hair, start with your personalized Shampoo and use your Pigmented Conditioner as you would normally condition. The pigmented Conditioner will help maintain the color you got from your Masque by depositing a smaller amount of color onto your strands each time you wash your hair. 

After a few washes, you may want to use your Masque again to boost your pigmented color or save it for a rainy day. Use it as often as you’d like depending on how rich you’d like your pigmented color.

Do your pigmented products stain?

Accidents happen, but don’t worry. If you happen to get some color on your clothes or tub, any light stains should wash out of fabrics and wipe away from surfaces with a simple household cleaner or detergent.

That’s a wrap on our top pigment questions. If you need any help deciding on which pigments are right for your hair color or have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our Specialists —or follow us on Instagram for more pigment tips @aurahaircare.