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Hair Care Rituals Based On Your Lifestyle

Give your hair some personalized attention.

Hair care goes far deeper than just Shampoo and Conditioner. A range of factors can effect the look and feel of your hair like diet, lifestyle, and even where you live. 

That’s why we believe in offering a personalized hair care Ritual that can evolve with you and truly connect with your individual lifestyle and goals. With our in-depth hair care Quiz we get to know more about you and your hair so we can offer you a solution that is all you, baby. Here are a few examples of our client’s lifestyles to paint a clearer picture of how each AURA Ritual is truly designed to align with your life.

AURA client touching her curly hair and smiling since she's used her personalized hair care Ritual.

Meet Emma

Meet Emma
Hair Type: Wavy texture with dyed hair color
Lifestyle: Loves swimming at the beach or at the pool, exercises occasionally, vegetarian diet, washes hair every 2-3 days
Location:  City life on the East Coast
Hair Goals: Color Protection, Repair, Enhance Curls
Personalized Ritual: 
Aroma: Medium Sparkling Essence
Shampoo: Color Protection, Repair, Enhance Curls
Conditioner: Color Protection, Repair, Enhance Curls
Masque: Color Protection, Repair, Enhance Curls, semi-permanent Classic Chocolate pigment
Emma's Personalized Ritual: 
Aroma: Medium Sparkling Essence
Shampoo: Color Protection, Repair, Enhance Curls
Conditioner: Color Protection, Repair, Enhance Curls
Masque: Color Protection, Repair, Enhance Curls, semi-permanent Classic Chocolate pigment

Why It Works:

City living suits Emma just fine but living amongst all this hustle and bustle can cause environmental stress to her hair. Environmental stressors that impact hair wellness can include a wide range of things, like exposure to toxins, pollution, swimming, and even UV rays—all of which can put stress on your hair’s cuticles. 

To protect her dyed brunette hair color and reduce any symptoms of hair damage (like breakage and split-ends), Emma showers with her personalized Color Protection, Repair, and Enhance Curls Shampoo and Conditioner duo a few times a week. She also uses our Chocolate Pigmented Masque as part of her self-care Sunday routine. Her personalized hair Masque gives her hair color a bit of a boost while nourishing strands and refreshing her wavy texture at the same time. Smart move, Emma. 

Why Emma Loves It: 

Each product is packed with nourishing ingredients like a color-shielding antioxidant elixir, wave-boosting Shea Oil, and omega-3-fatty-acid-rich Baobab Seed Oil to give her healthy hair that is ready for anything. 

Meet Vince

Meet Vince 
Hair Type: Tight, curly hair with natural hair color (no dye, graying a little) and a sensitive or dry scalp
Lifestyle: Loves high-intensity, indoor workouts like spinning, exercises 3+ days a week, high-protein diet, washes hair 1-2 days a week
Location: Lives in a small town
Hair Goals: Scalp Care, Enhance Curls, Smooth
Vince's Personalized Ritual: 
Aroma: Strong Island Reverie
Shampoo: Scalp Care 
Conditioner: Scalp Care 
Masque: Enhance Curls, Smooth, Neutralizing pigment

Why It Works:

Vince loves his small-town life and one of his favorite things to do is break a sweat. While his high-intensity workouts may relieve stress and give him a rush of endorphins, it leaves his scalp feeling a little dry and itchy. Sweat can dry on your scalp and potentially clog your hair follicles, as it can be mixed with bacteria or styling product residue and irritate your scalp—cue Vince’s personalized Shampoo and Conditioner with scalp-focused ingredients.

The high-salt content in sweat can also impact your hair color, so even though Vince is rocking his natural shade, he needs to reduce a little brassiness in his gray strands with the help of our Neutralizing pigments. In addition to his personalized Shampoo and Conditioner, Vince uses his pigmented Masque with the goals Enhance Curls and Smooth every week to keep his hair nourished and reduce any unwanted warm tones. Vince has got the right idea.

Why Vince Loves It:

His Ritual is personalized with his hair goals Scalp Care, Enhance Curls, and Smooth to give his natural texture some love, nourish his scalp, and reduce sweat-induced frizzies. Packed with ingredients like scalp-soothing Tea Tree Oil, curl-boosting Shea Oil, and frizz-fighting Barley Protein, Vince knows his hair is in as good of shape as he is.

Meet Sara

Meet Sara
Hair Type: Straight hair with dry ends
Lifestyle: Loves low-intensity workouts, like yoga, 1-2 days a week, vegan diet, washes hair every day
Location: Lives in the Pacific Northwest 
Hair Goals: Moisturize, Smooth, Volumize
Sara's Personalized Ritual: 
Aroma: Medium Botanical Dream 
Shampoo: Moisturize, Smooth, Volumize
Conditioner: Moisturize and Smooth

Why It Works:

Sara is an easygoing gal with a healthy diet and a low-intensity lifestyle so her hair is in pretty great shape—but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any hair goals to unlock. Her hair gets a little dry at the tips and she wants to pump up the volume on her straight locks. Additionally, the humidity in the Pacific Northwest causes her hair to get frizzy from time to time. 

To achieve her Moisturize, Smooth, and Volumize hair goals, Sara uses a 2-step Ritual with a personalized Shampoo and Conditioner. She’s not ready to commit to a weekly hair Masque sesh and that’s perfectly fine. Her Shampoo and Conditioner duo help her stay mirror-moment-ready every day in the shower. So keep doing you, Sara.

Why Sara Loves It:

Infused with a blend of ingredients like smoothing Barley Protein, hydrating Cupuacu Butter, and volume-boosting Chia Seed Oil, Sara is crushing her goals every time she washes her hair. Her favorite part? All of our formulas fit her vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle. 

Now that you see how a personalized Ritual can work in sync with your exact lifestyle and goals, it’s time to start your own personalized Ritual or adapt your current one to fit your hair’s persona. For more guidance on how to adjust your Ritual or get more Specialist tips, stay tuned for the latest articles on The Looking Glass or follow us on social at @aurahaircare.