How to Gift AURA Hair Care

Thoughtful gifts are always in style.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, hair care from AURA is the gift that keeps on giving. When your giftee wakes up each day with effortlessly dreamy hair, they’ll have you to thank. With everything from a curated collection of Best Sellers to personalized hair care Rituals, there’s something for every special occasion. 

Whether it’s your bestie’s birthday or the holiday season, read on to discover our tips on how to gift AURA Hair Care—because who doesn’t want magic-making hair care selected specifically for them?

Image of AURA Hair Care boxes wrapped in pink bows and ready to gift!

Start with a Best Seller

This new collection of AURA’s Best Sellers, featuring some of our most-loved goal combinations like Scalp Care and Enhance Curls, lets you try out the best of AURA Hair Care without taking our Quiz. Curated by our specialists and ready to add to your cart right now, you can select a signature three-step Ritual, opt for a targeted hair care duo, or choose one of our ever-popular Pigmented Masques.

Our line of Best Sellers is a great way to introduce AURA to your friends and family without having to guess what their needs are. With a selection of goal-focused Rituals to choose from, like Repair, Moisture, and Smooth, you’re sure to find just what you need, no matter who you are shopping for.

Simply, click and add to your cart right now. Once they fall in love with our products, they can choose to personalize their next order to fit their exact goals.  

Personalize Your Gift

If you’ve ordered AURA before…

If you’re already an AURA lover, ordering a personalized Ritual for your friend is as easy as one, two, three. There’s no need to go through the hair care Quiz unless you want to start from scratch and make them their own account. Either way, you’re going to end up with an unforgettable present. 

  • Go into your account and edit your formula based on what you think your friend would like. 
  • Here you can select the product, exact hair goals you want to add, the aroma, and all the other little details. 
  • Make sure to put their name on the bottle and include their name on the shipping address to get it delivered right to their door. 
Girl opening AURA box with a hair Masque, Shampoo, and Conditioner inside.

If you’re ordering AURA for the first time…

If you’ve never ordered AURA before, gifting AURA is a fun and interactive experience. Follow the steps below and you’ll be in good hands. 

  • Fill out the hair care Quiz one of two ways: 
    • Keep your gift a secret and fill out the Quiz with their hair in mind as best as you can. If you come across a question you don’t know how to answer you can just bring up the subject of hair care and what your pain points are. Who doesn’t want to gush or complain about their hair care because they just haven’t found their forever products? 
    • Or you can sit down with them and do the Quiz together! This makes it a fun bonding experience and they’ll still get a gorgeous box of hair care products delivered right to their door for them to unwrap.

  • It’s important to note that when you finish the Quiz, you will be required to create an account that will save this information. You can either use your information or your friend’s if you’d like. If you decide to use your giftee’s info, they will receive a confirmation email from AURA, so it might be good to give them a heads up!
Person going through the AURA hair care quiz

How do you decide which products they need?

Does your loved one need Shampoo? Conditioner? A Masque? Or all three? In general, we recommend going for the full 3-step Ritual to make sure that they unlock all of their hair goals. Each hair care product is made-to-order and formulated to work together in order to deliver the hair of their dreams. 

That said, you can always start with a Shampoo and Conditioner duo to get them started on the right foot. They can decide for themselves later down the road if they want to upgrade their hair care Ritual to include our luxurious hair Masque. 

If your friend or family member loves to color their hair, you may also consider gifting them a Conditioner and hair Masque bundle with one of our Color Enhancing semi-permanent pigments. With this option, you can choose from our rainbow array of fashion-forward Fantasy shades (like French Lavender or Monaco Magenta) or color-boosting Classic shades (like Chocolate or Copper). 

The Pigmented Masque will transform their hair color and the Conditioner will maintain it from wash to wash so it’s essential to get both of these products together if you want to gift them long-lasting results.  

Two ladies exchanging AURA hair care gifts and smiling

We hope this guide helps make shopping for memorable gifts easy for you. And don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a new Ritual while you’re at it! You deserve the gift of your dream hair, too.