Natalie & Nicole Kirkland: How They’re Taking the World By Storm, One Hair Flip at a Time

Take a closer look at what inspires this powerhouse sister duo and how they keep their hair in tip top shape.

Meet Natalie (former NFL cheerleader) and Nicole Kirkland (professional choreographer): Two talented sisters taking over the dance and cheer world with flair and passion. Even though they’re sisters, dancers, and boss ladies, they also have their differences—like their hair goals. Find out what inspires them to carve their own paths, which beauty products they can’t live without, and beyond in our exciting interview.

Natalie and Nicole Kirkland smiling at each other with their AURA Rituals in hand
  1. AURA: Hey ladies! Let’s start at the beginning. How did you both get into dance?

Natalie & Nicole: We’ve been dancing forever. We started at a local dance studio when we were six (Nicole) and four (Natalie), and what started as passion and love for the sport turned into a full-fledged career over time. Together, we have trained in almost every dance style imaginable: jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, hula, tap, salsa, character, heels, pro cheerleading, and even rhythmic gymnastics. With countless studios, dance companies, and crews later, we’re still training and growing as pro dancers who are committed to the craft of dance.

2. AURA: You both have some pretty impressive resumes. Does it ever feel like the two of you are competing? Or is it fun to have a sister in the same industry as you?

Natalie & Nicole: I think the competitiveness was more apparent when we were younger and were training in the same styles. We wouldn’t necessarily compete against one another at competitions, because we were in different age brackets, but we’d both still aim for the gold in a respective style and age. Today, our dance career paths are in such different lanes (pro-celebrity choreographer VS pro cheerleader), that it’s less comparing apples to apples and more like comparing apples to cucumbers. We are so thrilled that while we both pursued a career in our beloved sport, we’re in different dance worlds, and yet, can still relate to the other’s projects, goals, challenges, and mindsets. 

3. AURA: What is your favorite part about having a sister?

Natalie & Nicole: Everything being so relatable in life. We are two years apart, which means we almost always went to school together, had overlap in friend groups, and danced in the same companies together—we pretty much did everything together until Nicole moved to Los Angeles. From dancing and dating to career stress, we can relate in almost everything in our lives. 

4. AURA: What inspires both of you to create?

Natalie & Nicole: Seeing “the greats” do it and wanting to top it. We were taught to aim high while keeping our head down as we work hard, and that’s made for a wonderful foundation for anything we get involved with. When it comes to dancing, we are inspired by a myriad of creative artists, media personalities, cinematography, music, dancers from other countries, social movements—there is no limit to fueling creativity, but you have to be hungry to explore. 

5. AURA: What is the best hair or beauty advice your sister has ever given you?

Nicole: Beauty, like style, is subjective. Own your quirks and go deeper into them. Find what fits you aesthetically; sometimes your unique look won’t be what’s trendy, and that’s more than okay.

Natalie: Ingredients and product integrity matter! The formulas, where things are sourced, and brand ethics are important. Not only do we want to ensure the products we use are safe and high quality, but the companies who make them are conscious of how they affect the world. 

6. AURA: If you could only choose one hair product for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 

Nicole: Shampoo because my hair gets dirty from sweat and hairspray.

Natalie: Conditioner because my hair is always seeking moisture and hydration. Then we share! #sisterhack

7. AURA: What makes your hair different from one another? Are there different styles you love?

Natalie & Nicole: Our hair couldn’t be more different. 

Nicole: My hair is fine, thin, short, and full of beach waves. I can style it easily and I’ve colored it all the colors under the sun. 

Natalie: My hair has always been thick, coarse, stubborn, and curly. Our hair almost symbolizes our personalities—they’re so different yet come from the same root. We appreciate that our hair is different, just like our identities as dancers and people.

8. AURA: What’s your AURA Ritual? What are your hair goals, what’s your aroma, and did you pick a semi-permanent pigment?

Natalie & Nicole: Our hair goals are different because we have such different hair! 

Nicole:  My formula is focused on Repair because my hair has gone through bleaching, coloring, and a lot of heat styling. 

Natalie: My Ritual focuses on Moisture since my hair is so dry and coarse. I’m always looking for deep moisture penetration that helps reduce frizz and breakage. We’re both obsessed with the AURA Masque as a pre-wash treatment. 

Natalie & Nicole: We like to do DIY spa services so sitting and hanging while we both do a hair mask is simple, enjoyable, and beneficial. We haven’t dabbled in the temporary pigment, but that’s next on our list! It’s about time for a new “lewk”.

9. AURA: At AURA we believe that hair is powerful and personalized beauty can lead you toward endless possibilities. How has your hair changed over the years and is it part of your persona? What makes you believe in Endless Possibilities?

Natalie & Nicole: We believe that finding your “lewk” is important to finding your confidence in your career and personal endeavors. Taking time for yourself to show your hair and scalp the TLC it’s craving is a form of self-respect. Sometimes, when schedules get crazy and we’re feeling insecure or overwhelmed, one of the best ways to recalibrate is to take a personal moment and do something for yourself. As counterintuitive as that can be in the midst of chaos, a friendly reminder to ourselves that we feel and do our best when we look our best. It’s the push we need to keep on tackling our to-do list. By checking off an important self-care box, we are free to focus on other more (argumentatively) important matters.

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re feeling inspired to dance like no one is watching. Make sure to follow Natalie and Nicole on social media to keep up with this powerhouse duo as they rock their happy, healthy hair. To unlock your personal hair goals, take our hair care Quiz or restock on your personalized hair care products today.