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Picking the Perfect Pigment for Your Skin Tone

Perfection is in the pigment.

With a wide rainbow array of eye-popping shades to choose from, picking hair colors that best complement your complexion can get a little overwhelming. Luckily, AURA’s semi-permanent pigments offer endless possibilities. With some no-fuss advice from our specialists, you’ll find the shade that compliments your complexion best. 

Four AURA Hair Care models with different colored hair. Each Color Muse is showing off one of the following semi-permanent pigments in our Fantasy shades: Rose Gold, London Red, Golden Mahogany, and Pacific Periwinkle.

Discover Your Most Flattering Shade

Picking the perfect hair color for your skin tone is a lot more intricate than you’d imagine. Our specialists recommend choosing an AURA semi-permanent pigment that has the opposite undertones from those in your skin. To help determine your complexion’s tones, they suggest looking at your wrists or the top of your hands.

Cool Tones

If you have fair skin and see blue or purple veins, that’s the #1 sign that you have cooler tones. This means you have a lot of pink, blue or red undertones in your complexion. You’ll want your semi-permanent hair color to help minimize any redness in your skin.

If you have lighter hair and cool skin tones, warm or golden hues will flatter best. Choose a semi-permanent pigmented Masque in our Rose Gold Fantasy shade, or if you want a subtler look, go the Classic route with our Classic Golden shade. Hues like these will help counter-balance pink-ish skin tones to avoid a “washed out” look.

If your hair is darker, our specialists recommend creating a striking contrast by using cool and ashy shades like our Soft Pacific Periwinkle or Kyoto Purple semi-permanent hair pigments. If you’re wondering how to make our Fantasy shades thrive on darker hair, find out how here.

Warm Tones

If you notice more greenish veins peeking through your skin, you have warmer tones. For complexions with hints of yellow or orange, your ideal hair color should leave your skin with a healthy, natural-looking glow.

To amplify your warm undertones, choose shades that are golden and have pink and red tones, like our Jaipur Rose or London Red pigmented Masques. These will leave your skin radiating all day and night.

For those with a darker complexion and warm undertones, our specialists advise sticking to sunset-golden pigments like Hawaiian Coral and Golden Mahogany. They will create a luminescent contrast with your skin tone, highlighting your best features.

AURA Insight:

So, if you’re still a little confused about determining your skin tone, we recommend throwing on silver earrings or a silver necklace and looking in the mirror. Then, switch to gold jewelry.

Which looks better on you? Cooler skin tones look more radiant in silver, while gold jewelry pops against warmer skin tones.

If you have gray hair and are interested in using one of our Fantasy or Classic semi-permanent pigments that work with your skin tone, we’ve got you and your strands covered (literally). All the info you need can be found on this page.

Now that you know what pigment works best with your skin tone, follow us for application tips and color inspiration on Instagram and TikTok @aurahaircare.