Your Valentine’s Day Self Care Ritual with AURA

Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day with AURA.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of the day-to-day, prioritizing everything in our lives other than ourselves. This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to pause and indulge in yourself. Self care is a great way to do that. We’re here to encourage you to make some time for yourself with a soothing Valentine’s Day Self Care Ritual.

A bottle of personalized shampoo and conditioner on a bath tray.

Set the mood.

First and foremost, a relaxing self-care routine starts with the right ambiance. Find your happy place and light some candles and tidy up your space so you can focus solely on yourself. Put on whatever music you like, your favorite TV show in the background, or listen to an inspiring podcast. However you chose to spend this time, the best part is that it’s yours to do whatever gets your mind right.

Take a relaxing bath or shower.

Rinsing off the day or taking a relaxing soak can be a luxurious experience found right in the comfort of your home, making this the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day self-care ritual. Some benefits to adding this step into your routine are quieting the mind and relaxing the body, leading to things like better sleep and even soothing sore muscles and joints. Overall, this time is supposed to work as a total rejuvenation of the body that prioritizes you first.  

To take this experience to the next level, you can add in AURA’s Body Wash for an extra element of lavish self-care. Its rich lather can be personalized with your favorite AURA aroma to awaken and invigorate your senses, transforming your shower or tub is a five-star spa. This time is for you and you alone, to reflect on your day or catch up with yourself through journaling, meditation, your favorite book, or simply just resting your eyes and taking in this quiet time

Woman of color wrapped in a purple towel smelling her personalized masque in the bathroom.

Indulge in your hair masque.

After your soothing bath, it’s time to move on to your lovely locks. Your hair goes through it all with you, so it’s important to remember it needs love this Valentine’s Day too. A great way to treat yourself on this lovers’ holiday is with our nourishing hair masque. With a 100% vegan formula personalized to your exact hair goals, this rejuvenating treatment gives your strands the nourishment it needs—it’s an experience your hair will thank you for. While your hair is soaking up the love, we recommend using this time to also add in your favorite face mask to elevate your daily skin care routine.  AURA Insight: Our wide-tooth comb adds an extra element of magic to spread your masque evenly throughout your strands while gently untangling your locks.

Grab your snuggliest robe and your hair wrap towel.

While your strands are drying, kick back in your softest robe and our super soft hair wrap towel to really lean into your soft-girl era. Comfort is not the only element this hair wrap towel brings to the table—its microfiber material gently dries strands while preventing frizz and breakage compared to a normal bath towel. It adds that extra touch of luxury to the final steps of your hair wash routine. This towel is also equipped with an elastic hook in the back to hold your hair in place if you feel like getting up for a solo dance party, you won’t have to worry about it falling off.

Try some mirror moment mantras.

To wrap up your self care ritual, there’s nothing like caring for your mental well-being just like your physical. Your words are powerful so before you go out for the night or hit the sheets, take a moment to take in your effortless beauty. Positive affirmations and mantras are thought to be some of the most powerful and effective methods of self-care by generating a sense of calm and relaxation as you center your mind working to reduce stress and daily burnout. Try some confidence-boosting mantras like: 

  •  “I am powerful and confident.” 
  • “Everything I need to succeed is inside of me.”
  •  “I love myself just the way I am.” 
  • “I am enough.”

Self-love and appreciation are some of the most important parts of your self-care ritual, so do not skip past this final step. Use these mantras and affirmations on Valentine’s Day and beyond to boost your self-esteem and accomplish your goals.

This Valentine’s Day is all about loving you. Take some time to craft and indulge in your self care ritual with AURA. For more self care ideas, tutorials, hair inspo, and exclusive tips, make sure to give us a follow on TikTok and Instagram @aurahaircare.