Ways to Apply Your Pigmented Masque

Because getting bold color is easy.

There are many “right” ways to apply your AURA pigmented Masque. Experimentation is part of the adventure, so try a few different ways, and find which works best for you. Before you dive into the application, get familiar with some of the options you have and the ‘why’ behind particular results.

Keep in mind, our pigments are not intended to cover gray hair or lift or lighten your current hair color.

AURA personalized hair care customers with three finished pigmented looks using their pigmented Masques in Fantasy, Classic, and Neutralizing pigments.

Option 1: For super-rich results

Apply your pigmented Masque to clean, dry hair. When pigment is applied to dry hair there’s nothing blocking that pigment from evenly coating and adhering to the surface of your strands. Let it sit for the time indicated on your Masque jar, rinse, and allow your hair to dry for an instant color transformation from roots to ends. 

Option 2: For subtle results

For a less intense color, apply your Masque to clean, towel-dried hair. Why is it less rich than option one? In this case, your hair has absorbed water molecules that penetrate the hair and take up extra space in and around your hair’s cuticle. This means that your hair will likely take up less pigment and give you a more subtle color result.

Whichever way you decide to apply your pigmented Masque, ensure your hair is completely saturated for even coverage. Sectioning long hair (shown to the right) can help, as can combing the pigmented Masque through your hair before letting it sit. 

For a more detailed guide on pigment application, check out our article on How To Apply Your Pigmented Hair Masque.

With these temporary hair colors that wash out each time you wash your hair, you can try a new pigment with each order. If you feel like your pigment results aren’t exactly as you’d like, simply adjust the intensity of your pigment or try a new shade here.

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