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Will AURA Pigments Work On Naturally Gray Hair?

All grays welcome.

We believe that everyone deserves to have a little fun with their hair color, no matter their shade. When you’ve got grays, you’ll likely approach coloring your hair a little differently because gray hair has a different texture and growth pattern. To help, our Specialists share a few ways to approach our products, with or without pigment, if you’ve got grays.

AURA client with fully gray hair color thinking about adding temporary Fantasy or Classic pigments to her personalized hair care products.

Will AURA pigments cover my gray hair?

Our temporary pigments won’t completely cover your grays and may have different  results depending on the type and pattern of gray hair you’re working with. For example, our pigments may appear pastel or they may cool down brassy tones in your silver/gray hair color.

Depending on how much gray hair you have and what shade your base color is, our Specialists have a few recommendations to inspire your hair and color goals:

Gray regrowth? Start here.

We don’t recommend applying any temporary pigment to graying regrowth only, especially if the rest of your hair is darker. If you do, your darker hair will likely take the color differently than your gray regrowth, leaving you with two very different bands of color. 

If you’re thinking about coloring your hair with permanent hair color, you can use any one of our Classic pigments on top of your dyed hair. These shades can boost or refresh your hair color so that you can take a few extra days between touch-ups. 

Have all-over grays? Start here. 

When you’ve fully grown out your grays, you can try any temporary pigment you like, as you’ll have an even base that you’re working with from roots to ends. 

If you’re looking for a natural-looking Classic pigment, we recommend our Warm Beige, Dark Blonde, Light Brunette, Dark Brunette, or Chocolate to add dimension to your color. 

If a temporary Fantasy shade is your goal, try some of our favorite gray-loving pigments such as Hawaiian Coral, French Lavender, Tulum Pink, Rose Gold, Jaipur Rose, Salmon Pink, and Arctic Gray. Keep in mind that the porosity or health of your gray hair can vary, so you may get a slightly different color result than expected.

If you’re looking to keep your grays cool and bright, a Neutralizing pigment can help tone down any dingy or brassy tones in your gray locks. Our Neutralizer for Blonde, Gray, and White hair is infused with a purple pigment that cancels out those brassy tones in just one wash. To tone your grays, add this purple Neutralizer to your pigmented Conditioner, Masque, or both.

Got a few sparse grays? Start here.

Sparse grays are those single, stand-alone grays throughout your hair without an obvious chunky gray root. When you have a few grays here and there, you can try any Fantasy or Classic pigment without any big color differences. 

Since our pigments don’t cover grays, you’ll likely see a pastel or translucent finish when our pigments are applied to stray grays. If you have a darker base hair color surrounding your stray grays, any pigment applied over dark hair will show its best tones in the sunlight. 

Ask a Specialist: Do I need to adjust my Shampoo, Conditioner, or Masques when my hair’s going gray?

Your hair goes through changes all the time, but as you go gray, you may start to notice things like a coarser texture, reduced elasticity, brittleness, or dryness (to name a few). Selecting products that help to combat these changes can have a major impact on how happy you are with your transition to gray. 

With our personalized Shampoos, Conditioners, and Masques, you can create products that help to soften coarse grays, strengthen brittle strands, add moisture and shine, and protect your color—all in one formula.

Going gray is like going on a personal adventure, so let us be your travel guide. When you’re ready, share your gray hair journey with us on social @aurahaircare.