2021 Fall & Winter Hair Color Trends

Trends you can snuggle up with.

Grab your coziest robe and your hair Masque because fall is finally here—and it’s time for a hair color refresh. From the web to the runway, our Specialists have searched everywhere for the hottest 2021 fall and winter hair color trends. Read on to find the trend that fits your style—and hair—best.

Collage of women with colorful hair after using AURA semi-permanent hair pigments in Classic and Fantasy shades.

Copper Mahogany

Woman with a Copper Mahogany hair color next to a swatch of AURA's personalized Copper Mahogany hair Masque.

As we head into cooler months, we will start to see warmer color trends—and this Copper Mahogany shade is the perfect way to heat up your hair care routine. It’s vivid, it’s warm, and it’s one of the hottest trends this season. As many of us have natural red undertones in our hair, this shade is great to liven up your color and add some spice to your life. 

This Look Is Best For:

Well-suited for all lighter hair colors, this fiery look can also work on darker shades if you’re okay with a softer, more subtle red tone. If you already have red hair, this trend can add depth and warmth to your current hue. 

When it comes to skin tone, this vibrant red hair color looks best on those with lighter complexions, but if you naturally have copper tones in your hair, this color can look beautiful on those with deeper skin tones as well. 

To Get This Look:

If you’re looking to stay on the subtler side, simply use our Copper Mahogany Masque on your natural hair color for 10-15 minutes—don’t forget to use your gloves! If you’re going for a bolder look, you’ll want to lighten your hair a few shades, then follow up with your personalized Masque with Bold Copper Mahogany for an ultra-vivid finish.

Cool Silver

Girl with a Cool Silver hair color next to a swatch of AURA's personalized Arctic Gray hair Masque.

It’s official: Silver hair is in and it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. With a mix of platinum and silver hues, Cool Silver takes the gray color trend to a whole new level of chic. This multi-dimensional spin creates a softer, lighter look with an effortless edge. It’s definitely a daring color trend to try this fall.

This Look Is Best For:

This Cool Silver shade works well for anyone with pre-lightened hair and light to deeper complexions—it’s a hairstyle that is versatile and oh-so-trendy at the same time.

To Get This Look:

Once you’ve reached a light blonde shade, add our Arctic Gray Fantasy shade to your AURA Masque. Then, apply your personalized Masque and let it set for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with your gloves. Feel free to use your Arctic Gray Masque once a week or as needed to maintain this pearlescent silver tone.

Icy Blue

Girl with an Icy Blue hair color next to a swatch of AURA's personalized Pacific Periwinkle hair Masque.

Though we typically see warmer shades as we head into fall, Icy Blue is a bold exception to the rule—and rules are meant to be broken, right? Unlike traditional lighter blue shades, this Icy Blue semi-permanent shade offers more depth and vibrancy with its frosty undertones.

This Look Is Best For:

If you have pre-lightened or light blonde hair, this Icy Blue hue provides a beautiful contrast to deep, dark skin tones. If your skin is on the lighter side, go for a darker or more intense shade of Icy Blue.

To Get This Look:

Apply our Pacific Periwinkle Masque (with gloves, of course!) for 10-15 minutes weekly or whenever you need a color refresh. You can also grab a matching pigmented Conditioner to freshen up your color with every wash.

Choose Your Own Adventure Underlayer

Two women with the Underlayer of their hair dyed with various colors next to swatches of AURA's personalized Jaipur Rose and French Lavender hair Masque.

If you’re curious about trying a pop of color but aren’t ready to go the whole nine yards, the Underlayer color trend is the perfect happy medium. We love this look because it is completely personalized to fit your style. You can choose whatever color suits you best, make the color as subtle or bright as you want, and choose how much color you want to peek out from your top layer of hair. As seen on megastars like Dua Lipa, this versatile trend is definitely one to try this season.

This Look Is Best For:

The thing we love most about this trend is that it truly works for everyone—no matter your hair texture or hair length. Whether you have short, tightly curled hair or straight strands for days, this block of color pops on all hair types.

To Get This Look:

Try any of our Masques with the Fantasy or Classic shade of your choice, once a week. Using your gloves, apply the Masque to the pre-lightened underlayer of your hair and let it sit for 10-15 before rinsing. No matter what shade you choose, this trend is a must-try for the color curious.

To try one of these looks, personalize your Masque to include one of our semi-permanent hair colors, or talk to one of our Specialists to find the right shade for you. For hair inspo and tips, be sure to check us out on Instagram @aurahaircare.