Find Your AURA Aroma

Take this quiz to uncover the aroma that perfectly fits your vibe.

Your personality draws you to a lot of your favorite things in life—your style, friends, fave TV shows—but did you know that it can also help guide you to your perfect AURA aroma? We’ve created this fun and simple quiz to illuminate which aroma might be best for you based on how you self care. So what are you waiting for? Follow the map below to find out if your vibe says Botanical Dream, Golden Sunrise, Island Reverie, Moonlit Stroll, or Sparkling Essence, then add it to your next ritual. 

Five different AURA aromas to choose from when creating your next personalized hair care Ritual.
AURA's quick aroma quiz to help you pick the perfect fragrance for your next personalized hair care Ritual.
AURA aroma Island Reverie with notes of coconut and zesty orange.

Your vibe:

No matter where you are, you always know how to light up a room. This aroma matches your sunny energy with notes of tropical coconut and zesty orange.

AURA aroma Golden Sunrise complete with sweet vanilla and orange.

Your vibe:

Whether you’re relaxing at home or hittingthe town, this comforting aroma with notes of vanilla and orange feels like you never left your PJs—and that suits you just fine.

AURA aroma Botanical Dream filled with notes of lavender and crushed mint leaves.

Your vibe:

You always stop to smell the roses and lead with gratitude. This aroma is filled with scents of calming lavender and crushed mint to leave you feeling dreamy yet grounded.

AURA Aroma Sparkling Essence with notes of lotus, cool mint, and musk.

Your vibe:

Give your day the fairytale ending you’ve always wanted with notes of enchanting lotus, earthy musk, and cool mint.

AURA's Midnight Stroll aroma with notes of apple and blackberry.

Your vibe:

You’re always ready for anything, even a Moonlit Stroll. This energizing aroma leads with juicy blackberries, crisp apple, and rich sandalwood to fit your adventure-ready vibe.

Think we got it right? Add your aroma and its strength to your next ritual or adjust your current ritual with your newfound match.