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What Makes AURA Hair Care So Unique?

Explore our endless possibilities.

We get it—there are tons of options in the hair care world. So what makes us stand out from the wide range of other options? Read on to discover what makes AURA Personalized Hair Care so unique. 

AURA Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque on a marble bathroom counter.

1. We’re pioneers of personalization.

We are the first and only hair care brand to not only offer a personalized hair care Ritual but also offer semi-permanent hair color and fragrance options. You have the freedom to choose if you’d like to add a Color Enhancing or Neutralizing pigment to your Conditioner and Masque—or not! You can also choose what aroma you’d like, how strong you’d like it to smell, or go completely fragrance-free.

2. Made-to-order and fit to your exact needs.

From the formula and pigment to the aroma and name on the bottle, AURA is all about you. Want to switch up your hair color for the festival season? No problem. Want to adjust your summer hair goals to fit your new winter goals? You got it! Love to rotate out the aroma of your products based on your mood? Totally feel you. On top of making it completely personalized to you, we make it super easy to change things up, whenever you want.

3. We care about what goes into each product.

All AURA hair care products are Paraben, SLS, and SLES-free. Our products are also Leaping Bunny Certified with vegan formulas, regardless of the Ritual you create.

4. Our products are eco-friendly.

Our packaging was thoughtfully created with sustainability in mind. Our bottles are jars are made of 100% PCR, our boxes are 100% recyclable (so are your instructions and glove box!), and even our tape and packing materials are biodegradable.

Since our caps are not recyclable, we also provide pumps for your Shampoo and Conditioner that can be reused every time you order. And if you’re feeling extra green, you can also reuse your Masque jar as a mini planter.

These are the perfect size to start a small plant in before transferring it to a larger pot. You can also re-decorate the front and use it to store office supplies, such as pens and pencils. If you have any other fantastic up-cycle ideas, please share them with us on social media. We love seeing creative and earth-friendly ideas!

5. We’re a one stop shop for hair care.

Our Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque are the only three products you need to unlock the hair of your dreams—even if you want to add a pop of color to your hair with our Color Enhancing pigments. So say goodbye to your cluttered shower shelf!

We also create Rituals for everyone, including your kids! That’s right, your Ritual can be used by your mini-me. Unfortunately, we haven’t started making hair care for pets but our ingredients are safe for our furry friends should they happen to get into any mischief. 

We also create Rituals for every hair type, including curls, waves, straight, gray (please note, our pigments are not designed to cover grays), chemically treated, colored, previously colored, etc. We get to know all about you and your hair’s needs in our Hair Care Quiz.

We cannot wait to see how your Ritual turns out and don’t forget to snap a selfie and share it with us on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram @aurahaircare.